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Whatever may be said, and a perfect body - the main advantage of the beautiful half of humanity.Flexible, harmonious female figure able to captivate any man, and thus open the way to happiness.Therefore, to achieve its goal of a woman is often ready for any experiments.Chocolate wrap, lift, salt peeling, cavitation, special baths, creams, vacuum massage - the course is everything: ancient and modern, are often useless or even dangerous methods of body care.Such a desire to improve their own body is welcome, but experts say that to start it is worth to get rid of excess weight.

Body Care.In the fight against overweight ...

every new kilogram centimeters adds not only the volume but also the problems.Folds, wrinkles and cellulite hated - all the constant companions of excess weight and get rid of them is very difficult.Whichever way you do not try to lose weight - lost weight often and strive to come back again, and even more.As a result, and having tried a diet and fitn

ess, new products and cosmetic surgeries, a woman wishing to lose weight, always ask: "Why can not I lose weight once and for all?Maybe I'm just a perfect figure is not available? ".

Not at all - anyone can lose weight!Petersburg scientist Sergey Semenov found: to the body began to intensively spend excess fat, you must «shift" it in another mode .

The fact that the head of every person there are zones that are responsible for the accumulation of energy resources and their consumption.And while your body is set up to build, no exercise and ascetic diet, most likely, will not give stable results - the body will be hard to restore all lost, and with a reserve for the future.

innovative approach to weight loss Dr. Semenova


So what to do?Buttons and circuit breakers to the head did not seem to apply, and every second chanting "I want to lose weight" is not particularly helpful.Based on the results of the study of the brain, as well as long-term psychological and psychotherapeutic practice, Dr. Simeons developed a unique method of losing weight.And, later to realize it has been applied as a medical version (acupuncture programming autogenous switching), and purely psychological approach (autogenous reprogramming).

As a result of weight loss techniques Dr. Semenova body switches from one energy mode to another - with savings on energy consumption .Calories consumed by humans begin intensively burned.So the loss of extra kilograms happens quite naturally, without violence on the body and "heroism" on the part of the patient.As

switches the body into weight loss mode

session for weight loss Semenov takes 4-5 hours.It must pass only once, then you will lose weight for yourself!And the structure of the session briefly as follows.

It all starts with a fairly nice part is more like a session of relaxation and psychological relief.Its purpose - to convey information about the physiological basis of the patient's problem has arisen and the proposed method of solving it.But the most important thing in this part of the session the patient configurable switching .

Next to consolidate in the new regime of weight loss patient undergoes a special procedure.However, we will not now reveal all the secrets of weight loss methods Semenov.We will only say that as a result activated areas of the brain responsible for the consumption of calories and "euthanized" zones, promoting the accumulation of fat .

The problems of obesity

In practice, in order to put the body into weight loss mode in most cases only need one session slimming of Semenov.Because now the body is working for you!And it helps you without super efforts to adjust their diet and habits, "improve" them in terms of weight loss.

After switching there is no need to exhaust yourself diets or fitness.Everything happens as if by itself.For example, there is a desire to eat a low-fat cottage cheese or apple, but the fatty sausage or chop longer attracts as before.

In addition, changes in eating habits leads to another interesting effect - there is a desire to move more.It turns out that in the digestion of food the body needs a lot of strength.Reducing the amount of food releases huge amounts of energy that must be expended.So the desire to take a walk in the park, go for a swim in the pool or do gymnastics soon becomes habitual.

How to learn more about losing weight by Semenov?

You'd be surprised, but the technique of Dr. Semenov was developed in the 80s of the last century and is actively used for almost 30 years.During this time, weight loss centers, applying it opened across the country, because the method is extremely popular and has helped to attain harmony of many tens of thousands of men and women.

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