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egg yolk mixed with honey (1 tablespoon), accelerate the growth of hair ;If we add more and onion gruel, fresh onion rubbed on a fine grater, then the effect of the mask will increase.The mask is applied to the hair for 30 minutes, and held under the film and a thick towel and then wash off.Eliminate the smell of onions help honey, colorless henna, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and other means - to learn more about this simple, just time for such masks have to spend a little more.

onion Recipes masks for hair growth much : you can simply mix mush onion with honey - 1: 4 and used as described above;if the hair is too dry, it is necessary to add a little olive oil.

Mask for hair health with pepper tincture : 2 tbsptincture (sold in pharmacies) should be mixed with yeast (30 g), apply the mixture on the scalp, wrap up and keep warm for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Masks with mustard continue to occupy one of the first places among th

e masks for hair growth .If applied regularly, the hair will grow faster in 2 times, become thicker and stronger, and the fat content (if it was) reduced.Mustard powder (2 tbsp) should be mixed with the same amount of olive oil, egg yolk and sugar (2 teaspoons).The mixture was diluted with warm water until thick sour cream, apply on hair roots, cover, and after 20 minutes the mask rinse thoroughly with warm water and shampoo.

Traditional recipes for healthy hair

If you want to give your hair a healthy appearance a relatively short time - for example, for 2-3 weeks prior to the holiday event, you have to use multiple tools in combination.First is to improve the structure of their shampoo - for example, add a little concentrated extracts of herbs, as well as gelatin (1 tbsp) and lemon juice (½ tsp) - hair will be easier to comb and shiny, and the infusion of herbs strengthenthem, and give them the original color and flavor.

any infusion of rosemary strengthens hair and accelerates their growth , camomile tea making beautiful blond hair, sage is good for dark hair, red and brown are getting better by the infusion of hibiscus petals.

If added to the infusion of peppermint shampoo, the hair will be slightly twisted, and the hairstyle is voluminous;hops strengthen the hair roots - this has long been known, so the mask is also popular with beer.

nourishing hair mask can be made by using the oil infusion of herbs - all what you like.Herbs need to pour oil in a glass container (almond or olive), and insist week, and then rub into the hair and scalp in front by hook.Then rinse your hair with shampoo with improved composition, rinse thoroughly with clean water, then apply a conditioner home to your liking.

can use the infusion of herbs (calendula, chamomile, etc.) by adding apple cider vinegar - 1 tbspper liter infusion.

Good hair rinse infusion of plantain leaves: in a glass of boiling water - 1 tbspdry grass, to insist half an hour and use.

Tips for healthy hair

Homemade masks and other means of great help to maintain healthy hair , but if you do not follow some simple rules, the use of home care will not be any.

In recent years not only young girls but also older women began to walk in the winter without a hat - probably watching American movies: they think that because they look sexy - and in fact this would be desirable in the winter.However, in America, a different climate and other conditions of life;if the walk in the winter without a hat in the Russian climate, the hair very quickly, "port", start thinning, break and fall out.In summer, when hot and dry, too, is an easy to wear a hat - before women did so, and their hair was beautiful.

tips of the hair should be trimmed every 2-3 months;comb hair must often - massage brush, but not metal.Massage brush with wooden or plastic needles will not damage the hair and scalp - on the contrary, it will provide a light but regular massage;to the hair follicles will surge blood and hair will start to grow faster.Cutaneous fat will not accumulate in the roots and distributed throughout the length of the hair, protecting them from external influences and giving them smoothness.

wash your hair with hot water can not, and do not comb your hair wet - let dry out first.Of course, it is necessary to use balms or home conditioners, or dried hair comb is impossible.Without special needs you should not dry your hair dryer - if you have time, let them dry themselves.

Health and Beauty Hair

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