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Lightening hair with hydrogen peroxide on the face, body, arms and legs

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Apply the solution must be careful not to burn yourself - a few minutes to lubricate the tampon soaked in it the problem area and then wait a bit, and wash immediately as soon as the peroxide is completely dry.For noticeable results it is necessary to carry out the procedure twice a day until hair does not brighten.

very dark, almost black, and red hair to lighten difficult than other hair colors.After each procedure, If done correctly, the hair lighter 3 colors, so they need to clarify a few times with a break for a week or two - if the skin is sensitive.In order to have a good discolor dark hair normal thickness, we can recommend the following mixture: perhydrol - 40 g of ammonium bicarbonate - 1 tsp(this substance is used in the baking, confectionery and pharmaceutical products, etc.)., liquid soaps - 20 g water - '30

possible to use a hydrogen peroxide solution of 6% ammonium hydroxide: the ingredients were mixed for 1 tspand three times a day lubricated proble

m areas.This mixture can also be used to lighten hair on the face: it must be carefully applied to the hair, but not rubbed into the skin.When the mixture is completely dry, it is washed off with water and lemon juice and applied to the skin of baby cream to prevent irritation.

Lighten the hair on the body can be a solution made with pills gidroperita - many women say that this method is even faster.Gidroperit an antiseptic, a complex compound urea hydrogen peroxide;you can buy it at any pharmacy - its aqueous solution is used to rinse the throat, mouth, etc.Gidroperita tablet dissolved in 1 tspof water, add a vial of ammonia, a pinch of baking soda and shampoo - 1-2 drops, all stirred with a cotton swab and apply the mixture on the problem areas.Skin before applying the means to wash do not - so you can reduce the chance of irritation.

lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide on hand

dark hair on his hands, too, are a problem for many women, and to remove them by mechanical methods hardly worth: after that they grow and become more stringent and dark.

composition prepared in much the same: it is necessary to dilute the peroxide with warm water 1: 1 in a glass beaker and then 50 ml of the resulting solution is mixed into another bowl - preferably porcelain - with ammonia (2 vials) and 1 tspsoda.First, the mixture should be checked: Apply a small drop of the mixture in the crook of his hands, and wait for about 10 minutes - if all goes well, the skin does not itch or red, you can lighten hair, but try not to rub the skin.If the hairs are growing in areas where the skin is tender, it is necessary to pre-lubricate the skin with fat cream.Keep the mixture on the hairs should be about an hour and then rinse with warm water;slight burning or tingling sensation - this is normal, but if these feelings are amplified - the mixture should be immediately washed off, and look for other ways to lighten hair.After the procedure, the skin in the areas treated with the solution, efflorescence can appear, but after a few days it will return the normal color.

lighten hair with hydrogen peroxide on his feet

on clarification of hair on a woman's legs often recall spring, in anticipation of the warm summer: before you wear light dresses and sandals, the skin on my feet want to make a smooth and beautiful.In principle, lighten hair on the legs is not difficult, and the skin on them so soft as in other parts of the body.You can also take pills gidroperita: one of them is necessary to add water (1 tablespoon), wait until it has dissolved, add a little bit of neutral soap, and beat the mixture stick, wrapped with a bandage.Then add ammonia - 1 tablespoon10% solution, and stir.Will foam composition, which must be applied to the legs, hold 15 minutes, rinse with cool water and apply a skin moisturizer.

There is another recipe in which you can prepare the cream, bleaching unwanted hair - it uses fuller's earth or clay - a natural substance with magnesium aluminum silicate, which has bleaching properties.Previously, Fuller's clay used in the production of cloth for cleaning wool, today it is used in various industries - for example, it can help lighten the fats and oils.2 tspclay mixed with 1 tsp20% hydrogen peroxide was added 6 drops of ammonia, the mixture was mixed and applied to the problem area.Keep for 10 minutes and thoroughly rinsed with warm water.

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