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Dull skin: Causes and Treatment

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habit of drinking alcohol, too, violates the pigmentation of the skin: the blood vessels are constantly expanding - the skin becomes red and inflamed, loses tone and becomes sluggish.Of course, the majority of our women are not a lover of alcohol, but damage to the skin enough festive libations with friends and family - and holidays in Russia there are many, and without alcohol, they can not do.

Cosmetologists offer rejuvenation: This procedure constricts blood vessels, eliminates red spots and smooths fine lines, but it is expensive - so, for the rejuvenation of the face and neck have to pay about 20 000 rubles.So you can use home remedies, and the amount of alcohol to minimize - the beauty is more expensive.

Good soothe irritation and inflammation, trigger the processes of cell renewal mask biostimulirovannym aloe.Of aloe leaves squeezed juice (1-2 teaspoons) was mixed with beaten egg white mixture was applied to the face, hold 15 minutes, and rinsed with lukewarm water.

cigarettes to the skin even more harmful than alcohol, and the explanation for this is simple: if you do not consume alcohol ladies every day, they smoke constantly - ladies' cigarettes in shops are full.The skin of the face and neck of smoking and drying is irritated, it becomes dull and yellowish-gray - a cell lacks oxygen.Then there are red spots and wrinkles: free radicals are not asleep - so really the cigarette smoke more freshness and beauty?

Tips in this case, it is difficult to make - any method only temporarily help, but cosmetics have to choose expensive, protects the skin from free radicals and nourish it with vitamins - are particularly important vitamins A, C, F and E. To cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells is necessary1-2 times a week to make a mask with green or blue clay.The day cream must be UV filters - SPF30 or higher, as the skin of smokers is more sensitive to UV light.

recommended as chemical peels - at least once a week in order to align the color and its relief;toning mask, collagen mask and massage.Proper skin care is always giving positive results, but is not it better to quit smoking?

dull and gray skin can be influenced by a bad environment we live in cities, and fresh air, our skin sees a little, but the exhaust gas - enough chlorinated water and completes the job.

If you can not wash with mineral water, use filtered tap water, and be sure to boil it, and then add soda or boric acid (1 teaspoon per liter), or glycerine - for oily skin (1 tablespoon atliter).

Do not wash with hot and cold water - it will cause the appearance of early wrinkles.Wash with warm or "room" with water;sensitive skin clean special lotion, and in the evening - warm vegetable oil and remove its excess with a weak solution of tea.Most

walk where there are no cars and kochegarok - leave the city, or at least go to the park on weekends - without normal air will remain dull skin, and grow old prematurely.

If the air in the room where you are working with very dry or your local dry climate, regularly, several times a day, spray from a spray your face and neck, or other thermal mineral water.

to prepare homemade masks that eliminate dull complexion, useful fruit and vegetable mixes - they nourish the skin with vitamins, moisturize her return to her freshness and brightness of colors.Mask with cucumber and lemon juice is considered in this sense, it is very effective.Small cucumber rubbed on a fine grater, mix with lemon juice (4-5 drops) and cream (1 teaspoon), apply the mixture on your face, hold 20 minutes and wash off with lukewarm water.

very harmful to the skin frequent reception of chemical medicines.Today it is hard to find a cure without side effects, and our people are engaged in self-love: do not go to the doctor and the pharmacy and buy it "something to help."However, and drugs prescribed by the doctor, often cause allergic reactions, have an adverse effect on hormones, and the skin suffers - both on the face and neck and all over his body.The best way out here - drink plenty of clean water, and good boiled to toxins and chemicals found in drugs, not settled in the cells, and safely eliminated from the body.Do not drink the water large mugs - drink 2-3 sips, so that during the day you could drink at least 1.5-2 liters.

cause of dullness of the skin and often irregular chair, but we talk about it as something "not accepted": it is better to smear the makeup kilos than to find time to clean the intestines.Accumulated toxins in the intestine, if the body does not show them in a natural way, into the blood, and begin to go through the skin: it is not only dull and pale, and inflamed, irritated, covered with pimples and acne.Bring her back to normal food: eat more fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, and, again, do not forget about clean water - the best way to cleanse the body inside and outside people have not yet invented.