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Sea buckthorn oil Hair: properties and applications.

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Sea buckthorn oil for oily hair

with oily hair also make a mask with castor oil and sea buckthorn , but add to it the yolk.Oils take 2 tablespoons, add 2 fresh egg yolks, mix and apply the mixture on the scalp.On 30 minutes his head wrapped, then wash off the mask with warm water with your shampoo.

another mask for oily hair - with sea buckthorn oil and mustard powder : slightly warmed oil, mustard and diluted them to a mushy state.The mixture is applied to the hair roots.It is advisable to wear a hat and wrap your head warm, and keep 15 minutes.Rinse off, as in the previous recipe.

Masks with sea buckthorn oil for hair

with sea buckthorn oil can make a mask for hair growth acceleration - for dry hair, they are particularly useful.The yolk of one egg was mixed with oil (1 tsp) tritizanol added (10 g) - this material can ask the pharmacy - pour hot water and stirred.It should get a thick and sticky mass, which is applied to the scalp with a t

oothbrush.Head should wrap foil and heated towel and keep the mask for about 20 minutes.Towel as cooling is desirable to change every few minutes to warm.Rinse thoroughly, his shampoo.After 5-10 treatments hair will become stronger and will grow better.The same mask make when starting baldness, once a week for 2 months.Sea buckthorn oil can simply be rubbed into the skin in its pure form, 2 hours before shampooing.

In any type of hair useful mask of a mixture of oils : burdock, castor, eucalyptus and sea buckthorn.The oils were mixed in equal parts, is applied to the scalp, wraps and hold for 2 hours.Then wash the head and rinse hair infusion of chamomile and nettle.Particularly useful are such masks in the winter.

If you mix with olive oil, sea buckthorn, you get the mask dandruff.Sea buckthorn oil - 1 tbsp olive - 6 tbsp- Applied to the roots of the hair for 40 minutes, then wash as usual.After 2 months, or even earlier, if you do a mask 2 times a week, dandruff disappears for long.More

one mask is recommended for the night: sea buckthorn oil and apple cider vinegar - 1 tablespoon water - 1 liter, leaves and roots of the nettle - 2 tbspFirst, prepare a decoction of herbs - they pour liter of boiling water and cook on low heat for half an hour;cooled, strain, add oil and vinegar and mix.The mixture is rubbed into the head at bedtime for 2 weeks;stored in the refrigerator, if necessary, prepare a new one.

suited for oily hair mask with cosmetic clay .Sea buckthorn oil - 1 tbsp, clay - 2 tablespoons, honey - 1 tsp egg - 1 pc.- Mix and apply on hair for 40 minutes.

good effect gives a mask of sea buckthorn oil (2 tsp), which have orange oil (3 drops), and a colorless henna and garlic (1 tsp), and serum (2 tablespoons).The components mix thoroughly and apply on hair for 30 minutes.Rinse your shampoo.

Hair growth will accelerate, if you do mask Dimexidum - a drug that helps the active substances to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.When applied to the scalp and hair with a mixture of Dimexidum penetrating into cells, it stimulates the hair follicles and causes hair to grow faster.There are cases when the hair grew over the month by 4 cm - is a great speed.To the hot sea buckthorn oil (2 tablespoons) add dimexide (1 tsp), and in the form of heat is rubbed into the hair roots, keeps his head for half an hour and wash as usual.After such a mask your hair should be rinsed with a solution of apple cider vinegar, so they were not too greasy.

general sea buckthorn oil should always be used in masks slightly warmed , and rinse hair after washing with a solution of vinegar and herb decoctions.Masks should be prepared prior to use and mix the ingredients thoroughly;applied to the skin carefully, preferably brush while massaging his head;mask to keep the hair strictly allotted time, otherwise the benefits will be no more, but less.Before applying the mask, make sure that you are not allergic to any of its components.

How to get sea buckthorn oil

Sea buckthorn oil can be obtained and at home .Several varieties of sea buckthorn and oil properties also differ.The bones of sea buckthorn contains much more oil than the fruit itself.

House can prepare the oil of varying quality.First, squeeze the juice from the berries, and defend it in a dark cool place.Floated to the surface of the oil carefully collected - this oil is the best.

remaining cake is ground and fill it with vegetable oil - any that have at home;insist until darken and acquire a characteristic odor, and then press the cake under pressure.The resulting oil is lighter than virgin oil, and its healing properties are not so expressed.

can do differently: bagasse, left over from the berries after squeezing juice, dried and ground into powder in a coffee grinder, then fill it with olive oil and insist for 2-4 weeks in a dark cool place, strain and pour into a bowl of dark glass.High-quality sea buckthorn oil can be stored in the refrigerator for about 4 years.

Owners light hair must remember that sea buckthorn oil stain them lightly - the color turns darker.

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