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Massage the scalp hair .How to massage your head from falling to the growth and strengthening of hair

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How to classic head massage

Massage, commonly called a classic, involves several steps: it stroking, rubbing, stretching and winding, effleurage and vibration.

stroking the head should be padded fingers, starting from the forehead and working your way to the back of the head;rubbing the skin up and down circular motion;tapotement perform all the fingers except the large, easy and gentle movements;Vibration also runs up and down, but your scalp as it is moved;pull hair up gently grasping them between and slightly moving his fingers.

can make head massage, sitting or lying - it does not matter.What matters is that at the same time you feel good and you feel comfortable.To improve blood flow, usually start with rubbing the forehead, temples and neck with light circular movements, and only then gently massage the scalp.

Massaging the head should be from 3 to 10 minutes in the direction of hair growth: from the top down, from the top of the head to

the ears, from front to back.

can divide the hair parted in the middle, leaving between them a distance of 2-3 cm, and massage them one after the other along the entire length.

Any movement - rubbing, effleurage etc., - Must alternate with stroking;they massage is completed.

finished head massage, it is necessary to massage the neck - so you can achieve a great effect on hair loss.Neck massage from top to bottom, careful and accurate movements - especially its front surface and the area of ​​the carotid arteries.Massage relieves the back of the neck muscle tension and also improves blood flow, and the hair thus receive more power.

Massaging the head can be a warm towel.It is necessary to heat a dry towel and rub their heads, leaning over the bath.

well rubbed into the scalp with warm oil , burdock or olive oil - it will nourish follicles and the hair will stop falling out.After that head too hot towel wrap and hold for 30 minutes, then wash the head, as usual.

stimulate blood circulation to the scalp can be a variety of ways .Today, there was a very simple and inexpensive massager called capillary - "creepy anti-stress."He came into our market from China, like many products, and immediately became popular - it can be bought in any city.Outwardly resembles massager "Octopussy": small ball turns into a thin cylinder, from which "grow" with 12 feet of flexible latex tips - they can massage your head several times a day, for 3-5 minutes."Creepy" not only improves hair growth, but also reduces fatigue, stress and headache.

How do head massage

head massage should always be done in a relaxed state , and be sure to clean hands: in the morning, as soon as you wake up, or at night.It is impossible to massage your head with your fingers with long nails - they can damage the skin.Any suitable decoctions of herbs, essential oils, and for the treatment of the scalp can also be used during the massage.

example, for dry skin, dandruff and brittle hair fingers smeared with a mixture of castor or burdock oil with any vegetable - soy, corn, olive, and others. If the hair is oily, then simultaneously with massage into the scalp rub the selected therapeutic agent, using cottontampon.After this massage it is necessary to wash your hair.

Try to massage your scalp at least a few days - you will quickly feel that your health and mood improved, and a few weeks notice that the hair become stronger, tighter, and again began to shine.But in order to make them thicker, it may take 2-3 months, so be patient.

Contraindications to massage the scalp

course, there are cases where you can not do a head massage : head injury, fungal diseases of the scalp, ulcers, eczema, as well as hair loss.This contraindication may seem incomprehensible - because massage promotes the growth and strengthening of hair, but it may happen that the remaining hair will start to fall at the slightest mechanical action on the scalp, and the therapeutic effect of massage do not even have time to manifest.So, if the hair loss is strong, it is necessary to first use other methods of hair restoration.

at elevated temperatures, extreme fatigue or excitation is also impossible to massage ;other contraindications include inflammation of lymph nodes, blood disease and hypertension 2nd and 3rd stage.

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