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The appearance of the skin.

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other skin problems - is dry.Typically, such skin looks lifeless, often scaly.With age, it is aging faster than oily skin.For the youth of the skin to a greater extent responsible vitamins C and E. So try to include in the diet foods rich in them.Also, the signs of aging are fighting the so-called antioxidants - substances that neutralize free radicals and help eliminate toxins.Antioxidant-rich green vegetables (including greens) and fruit.More often eat lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, bell peppers, etc.Also useful are red berries - strawberry, currant, cranberry, raspberry.If you urgently need to recharge the body with antioxidants, it is worth paying attention to is truly healing products - honey, green tea, ginger and citrus.A cup of green tea with a slice of lemon three times a day - it is a guarantee that your skin will long remain young and beautiful.

The appearance of the skin

main problem of dry skin - is the lack of fat.Therefore it is very useful on a daily basis to eat foods rich in vege

table fats.Of course, there will be the best assistants oils - olive and flaxseed.Flaxseed oil can guzzle courses for 10 days - 1 tablespoon a day, with breaks of 20 days.Another useful source of fat - a fatty fish (salmon, salmon, white sturgeon, trout).It is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-6 and Omega-9.

How to improve the appearance of skin care using

We can not always comply with all the principles of a healthy lifestyle - get enough sleep, walk in the fresh air, eat, etc.Besides ecology and chronic diseases can negatively affect the appearance of the skin.That is why nowadays cosmetology gained such a huge popularity.Terms of care for every skin type should be taught to girls in the classroom work.But since the educational system has missed this point, try to understand the basic rules.

usually among treatments for skin care are three stages - cleansing, moisturizing and nutrition.Not only do them all, you still pick up a series of tools that will suit you.For example, women with dry skin, often neglected nutrition.Daily moisturizing is not enough at all to bring the skin in order.A couple of times a week you need to pamper your skin moisturizing and nourishing facial mask.Cleanser should contain a minimum of corrosive components.Sometimes even the experts advise not to wash in the morning and clean the skin with cosmetic milk or lotion for dry skin.If you can not, without washing, it is best to use soft water or an infusion of herbs.Save youthful skin will "cold treatment."Beauticians are advised to wipe the face with ice cubes in the morning.It may be ordinary water, green tea, herbal infusion or frozen in the freezer.

Owners of oily skin often come to that dried it with all sorts of facilities for washing.This is fundamentally the wrong approach.The skin dries and starts to secrete sebum is still intense.That's why sometimes shine appears in 2-3 hours after washing.Oily skin is no less in need of hydration and nutrition than dry.But you need to find a tool that will not clog pores.After washing, you can clean the skin with a moisturizing tonic and apply a moisturizing cream very light consistency.It may be an emulsion or a gel.

Such funds do not clog pores, cause no greasy, but very well moisturize the skin.Owners of oily skin should be very attentive to the procedures's Skin.Any peeling and peeling with abrasive particles banned.Suitable for deep cleansing peelings with fruit acids.Sometimes referred to as "bedroll."The best tools in this series are usually produced in Asia - Japan and Korea.They gently cleanse the skin, making it smoother.

Of course, there are little tricks like the minute mask from raw potato on your eyes.And sometimes it does not get too critical of their appearance.Not enough sleep?Wear light-colored scarf (pink, peach, white).He was visibly refresh the complexion and give a soft oval face shape.

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