Products intestine.

beets and carrots - recognized helpers in the fight against constipation: they not only cleanse the bowels but also the kidneys and liver, and thus cleared and the blood.Beets are best eaten boiled, carrots and rub on a small grater.

and beans are rich in fiber, but there is better to choose all green: peas, beans, kidney beans, lentils - beans mature much starch.

Wholegrain cereals, if the cook them correctly, provide a smooth and effective bowel cleansing.Of all the grains are richer in fiber wheat, barley, oatmeal and buckwheat, but good will and whole grain breads - rye and durum wheat contain fiber about 15 and 10%, respectively.

a lot of fiber in dried fruits, flaxseed, and other seeds and nuts, bran and fresh berries, especially cherries and currants - black and red.

product called probiotics and prebiotics, effectively clean the intestines and multiply healthy microflora.This natural "kislomolochka" (yogurt, kefir, etc..), Kombucha, sauerkraut, corn flakes, onion, garlic, bananas, chicory f

ield, etc.

Separately, you can say about inulin - polysaccharide contained in many plants, are very useful for the intestinal flora.Particularly rich in them artichoke tubers, but we simply pay attention to the Jerusalem artichoke - tuberous plant of the same family, twice as many vegetables of superior nutritional value.

Products intestine
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About garlic, too, need special mention: it is considered a superfood for bowel cleansing, but not everyone likes it there, and the smell is not so easy to remove.Optional crush or chew garlic: it can be swallowed without chewing, during the meal, but not entirely - can easily get stuck in the throat - and chopping into small pieces.

promotes bowel cleansing foods rich in fatty acids that many vegetable oils, the same nuts and seeds, oily sea fish and seafood.The intestines of their regular use as it is lubricated from the inside - it contributes to the speedy removal of toxins and accumulated fat.

What foods loose bowels?

In general, many of the above - in particular, dried fruits: prunes, dried apricots, figs, raisins.They need to pour boiling water or clean water, and insist there and drink the infusion.Fresh berries can mention cherries, strawberries;fruit - apricots.

«Kislomolochka" relaxes only fresh, one-day: already on the 2nd day is better not to count, but the 3rd can get constipated.

Vegetable oils are weak, if not heated, and watered their salads and snacks;oil in ready meals, and especially fried, good in this sense does not bring.

addition beets possess excellent laxative effect: pumpkin - it can be eaten raw, baked, steamed;tomatoes - they are also rich in antioxidant lycopene;zucchini - raw young fruits rapidly relieve constipation;spinach and other leafy vegetables;edible herbs - such as dandelion and alfalfa;Ginger - it is added to salads and prepare tea with him;seaweed;melon - it is necessary to have it on an empty stomach or replace any meal.

Products intestine
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Bitter chocolate - also slabyaschy product.This does not mean that you can select any tile with the inscription "bitter chocolate": The action has only pure chocolate with no additives and sugar - it costs several times more expensive than the usual treat.

Products intestine
Photo products for bowel

relax and cleanse the bowel can not be without the usual pure water - it is necessary to drink up to 2 liters per day.Alcohol, black tea and coffee (although it is believed that he was a little weak) dehydrate the body and prevent the intestines work.

Include food as much as possible the products listed here, and you not only get a healthy gut without enemas and laxatives, but also get rid of many chronic diseases.