body care

Body care.

Health and Beauty Body Care

in the cleaning bath, you can add salt and essential oils - they have a relaxing effect and also tone up the skin.Bubble bath should be used rarely, and mostly for oily skin of the body: they dry the skin, and the store should choose the foam that has a fat components.

Deep cleansing

other stages of body care - deep cleansing .Using the scrub stimulates the regeneration processes in the skin: the old cells are removed, and are actively forming new - the skin becomes smooth and beautiful.The body scrub contains abrasive particles - they are larger than the facial scrub;Dry skin peeling spend enough time in a week, and oily skin can be treated 2-3 times a week.

Apply scrub to wet skin is necessary, and distribute it through the body from the bottom up, massage in a circular motion.Legs, knees, elbows should be rubbed gently but thoroughly, and the skin on his stomach and chest - carefully, lightly, trying not to hurt a mole, if any.About 3-5 minutes, scrub hold on the

skin, wash off with lukewarm water and soak the body with a soft towel - rubbing the skin is no longer necessary.

hydration and nutrition of the body

After taking a shower or bath, and after peeling especially need to use moisturizing and nourishing cosmetics.The means for the body should be more wetting agents and oils than in cosmetics for the face, but they must be absorbed better and more quickly, so that any clothes or bedclothes on leave no stains.

Apply for body follows the mind, as well as any cosmetics if applied in large amounts, and too often - some women smeared with body oils and creams several times a day - the skin loses its natural ability to produce fats and acids, forming at itsa surface protective film.If you mix multiple resources - first applied one, and in a few hours - another - their components can "interfere" with each other, and this mixing can cause allergic reactions.

Cosmetics Body care

selection of modern cosmetic products body care - not easy: their range is now huge, and our women - in contrast to French women, Italians and other "spoiled" Ladies, do notaccustomed to this abundance.If you compare the modern cosmetics market to the fact that we had 20 years ago, it is no wonder confused, so you should know at least the basic rules of selection.

most common form of cosmetics for body care be called cream: all other means, popular in our time, we can assume its varieties - it gels, oils, lotions, mousses, balms, etc.

For dry skin is to choose a fat and thick cream, and in the winter instead of cream is best to use body oil to protect skin from dry indoor air, the cold street and synthetic fabrics, which we often dress.

If your skin is oily or mixed body cream should contain moisturizers, astringents and podsushivayuschee oils - such as hazelnut, grape seed, mango, evening primrose;anti-inflammatory components - such as aloe vera;proteins, essential oils and others.

Nourishing cream for all skin types to include as many vitamins and minerals - a tired and weakened body skin, they are very necessary, especially in the cold season: first of all, that the vitamins A, E, D and F.

Body Lotion can be used on a daily basis - its consistency lighter than cream;It moisturizes the skin, smoothes and nourishes it.Many manufacturers now produce body lotion for different skin types, but some well-known cosmetics companies have already appreciated our women, although the reviews, as always, are different.

For example, the firm Nivea offers lotion for dry skin: with almond oil, vitamin E and sea minerals - someone is using it, even with dermatitis, and someone said that it did not rehydrate at all - every body perceives makeup differently.

famous French company Uriage produces milk for dry and flaky skin of the body - it can be called therapeutic.It helps not only in very dry and rough skin, and skin diseases - for example, by conjunctival when the sebaceous glands are almost out of business.It contains vegetable oils, hydroxyamino, humectants, natural components, lactic acid, etc.

Italian company Cliven, today occupies one of the first places in Europe for the sale of cosmetics, the body produces milk for all skin types: oats - for fat, cocoa butter - dry and honey - for normal.Should these cosmetics are surprisingly inexpensive - less than $ 100, but good reviews about it quite a lot.

addition of cream and milk, there are also body lotions: they moisturize the skin or defatted, align its color and nourish it.Choose a lotion, as well as other cosmetics should be strictly according to the type of skin in winter - with a high content of nutrients and in the summer - with protective filters.In cold weather, better to put lotion on the body for at least 30-40 minutes before going outside, so that he had time to fully absorb into the skin.