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Moisturized skin.

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long-lasting moisturizing effect have alginates, viscous polysaccharide - are derived from brown seaweed.Alginic acid is not as miraculous as hyaluronic but also retains water well, one of its molecule is able to bind 300 water molecules, so cosmetics with alginates provides the skin well hydrated.

relates to polysaccharide and chitosan - it is obtained from the shells of crustacean animals.These shells are composed of chitin - hence the name, and cosmetics with chitosan nearly as effective as a means to hyaluronic acid: the skin surface, it forms a thin film through the pores of which air can pass freely.

molecules of collagen - the protein, whereby the elasticity of the skin is preserved, too, hold a lot of water - ten times more than weigh yourself, and keep the water for a long time - even in dry weather.Therefore, collagen is nowadays a very popular cosmetic product, cosmetics and collagen is one of the most important achievements of modern cosmetology.

with hydrophobic means more and more difficult, and should be careful to use them - especially for oily skin, prone to the appearance of comedones and blackheads.E.g., petrolatum and mineral oil, paraffin wax and certain other hydrocarbon derivatives perfectly protect the skin from dehydration, but the film obtained from their use impermeable - it does not let the water out, but it does not get inside.Water and heat are violated, skin cells will start to die, and formed on a surface dead layer - it is clear that they can receive and pimples and acne, and other problems.

Vegetable and animal waxes, silicone oils, and lanolin, phospholipids and other analogs sebum not exert such actions - they pass air to the skin, but they also must be used intelligently throughout observing measure.

hygroscopic agents

Another principle - binding and water retention in the skin and on its surface - so work humectants.They help to restore the skin's natural ability to wetting: cosmetics such substances makes water evaporate, while "collects" water from the environment and delays its upper protective layer of the skin.

The properties of these substances, if desired, you can learn more - some of which we simply list.This glycerin, sorbitol, lactic acid, urea, amino acids and sugars, alpha-hydroxy acids, dimethyl ketone, allantoin, liposomes, vitamins, provitamins and vegetable oils, polysaccharides, honey and plant extracts.Separately, you can say about talasferah - fibers "sea" of collagen: they contain concentrated moisturizing ingredients, so they are often introduced into the gel and other means of actively moisturizing the skin.

These tools are useful and harmless, but their use requires literacy, for example, in excess of the concentration of glycerol can not moisturize, and help retain moisture the skin;sorbitol in this case makes a cosmetic sticky and unpleasant, and urea contributes to the thinning of the upper layer of the skin.

If properly moisturize the skin, dehydration will not be closed - on the contrary, there may be additional problems, so that specialist advice will never be superfluous.

hydrated skin every day

Of course, you can moisturize the skin, and home remedies - it masks, lotions, creams, etc. - They need to tell apart.But what we always do - is to moisturize skin from the inside and outside with the help of ordinary water.

Recall that on the day you should drink up to 2 liters of pure (not tap) water;beneficial effect on the melt water - water should be frozen in the freezer, then thawed and filtered.Drink not during or after a meal and between meals;You can drink a glass of water half an hour before a meal.Drinking water should be small sips and slowly;drink a lot at night is not recommended - just 1/2 cup.

periodically spray the skin cool mineral or just clean water from a spray bottle, and the morning and evening wipe the face with ice - can be frozen are not plain water and herbal infusions.

not wipe after washing - let the skin dry itself and do not sunbathe too long - this dries the skin much.

And watch out for meals when the menu a lot of complex carbohydrates, the amount of moisture in the tissues and in the skin, including significantly increased.