in medicine and pharmaceutical gelatin used for a long time - its healing properties are recognized by most professionals.For example, everyone knows gelatin capsules in which drugs are produced;Gelatin is also a part of the candles.It works well as a styptic, but often causes allergic reactions, so that the official medicine uses it quite narrowly.

But in folk medicine gelatin found wider application, but first let us say a little about its composition and therapeutic effect.Besides the huge amount of protein and essential amino acids, gelatin gradually contains fats, carbohydrates and starches, much of vitamin E, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron;in lesser amounts contained potassium and sodium.This part explains the therapeutic action of gelatin: its use strengthens blood vessels and the heart, reduces the chance of heart attack and stroke, prevents the development of atherosclerosis, normalizes the state of the gastric mucosa, improves brain function and protects cells from fading.

Gelatin, joints and bones

But most of the recipes use gelatin is based on the content of collagen in it needed to restore damaged joints and bones.So often we hear of the treatment of gelatin diseases and injuries of bones and joints: use it to successfully treat arthritis, arthrosis, osteoporosis and osteartrozy, dislocations and sprains, fractures and bone fractures.

The use of gelatin to reduce pain and inflammation, stabilize the patient's condition, reduce the frequency of exacerbations and improve motor ability of the affected joint;gradually cartilage, as well as bone, can be restored - there are cases when it was possible to avoid complicated operations on the joints.

Taking into gelatin can be in the form of an aqueous infusion or breast - as you wish.

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Gelatin is prepared in the evening and take in the morning on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before breakfast - so do during the month.Cooled boiled water (1/2 cup), pour 2 tsp(topless) gelatin powder;Get Jelly morning - it is diluted 1: 1 with warm water, stir and drink immediately.You can add a little honey or sweet juice of fruit.On a monthly rate of 150 grams is enough.

gelatin Milk tastes better and is preparing about the same.The slightly warmed 2/3 cup skim milk 2 tsp dilutedgelatin, add 2 tsphoney, stir;1.5 hours was heated with stirring on low heat - the grains must be dissolved, but the mixture should not boil.The mixture was cooled at room temperature and kept in the refrigerator.Take the same way, but you can not every day, and 2-3 times a week.Gelatin milk treats not only the joints, but also strengthens the immune system, and helps to get rid of nasal bleeding.

Another delicious recipe for healing.1 tspgelatin poured 15 ml of water, put in a microwave oven for a minute, removed and stirred again.Add a little lemon juice and rose hip syrup - 15 ml (sold in the pharmacy), mixed and put in the fridge.When the mixture hardens, it can be eaten as candy or mermaids, cutting with a knife into small pieces.

If you combine the gelatin into the reception with external treatment, the probability of relapse drop even more, and aching joints will soon come back to normal.Compress do two weeks in the mornings and evenings, and prepared as follows: a few times a folded bandage and moisten it with warm water, wring until the moisture content and sprinkle gelatin, scattering a thin layer of 1 dess.l.powder.Applied to aching joints, cover with plastic wrap and warm woolen scarf.Keep at least 3 hours.

Gelatine perfectly helps joints and stomach lining protects it too, but long-term ingestion it can cause constipation.Therefore, parallel to the need to take any herbal laxative.It is generally recommended a mixture of dried fruits - 250 g dried apricots, prunes and figs - with the addition of senna (70 g), but if it turns out better use of senna least - dried fruits themselves have great purgative action and is not addictive.Washed dry fruits mixed in a blender with hay, pour boiling water, to get rather thin gruel, and store in the refrigerator.Take 1 tbspfor the night.

Photo: Gelatin

apply inside the gelatin is not recommended for the propensity to thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, kidney and bladder.Sometimes gelatin causes allergies, but a doctor should be consulted in any case.