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Another drug, similar in action with zinerita - Dalatsin.It also is an antibiotic, and to get a positive result, it is necessary to use 6-8 weeks.

Recently, many dermatologists recommend steel for the treatment of acne of varying severity retinoic ointment.It includes no antibiotics, but it has a lot of therapeutic action: keratolytic - exfoliates and dissolves the top layer of dead skin cells;anti-inflammatory, anti-seborrhoeic, antikomedogennoe and recycling - that is, its use also rejuvenates aging skin.Apply the ointment should be from 3 weeks to several months, depending on the severity of the disease.

a tendency to the formation of any type of acne should reduce the rate of formation of sebum by all possible means.On the sebaceous glands affected by male sex hormones, and this effect can be reduced by using agents that block the production of DHT in the body - that this substance stimulates active sebaceous glands.

necessary to use extracts of the following plant

s: nettles, hops, clover, soybeans, and skin care products, which consists of these extracts.Helps to reduce the production of dihydrotestosterone gamma-linoleic acid and zinc supplements.

necessary to stop using a nourishing cream, other than prescribed by the doctor, instead of creams or use cosmetics oils containing PUFAs - polyunsaturated fatty acids.The same oil should be taken orally - such as flaxseed or borage - a plant known to gardeners as borage;You can receive and fish oil.

Treatment blackheads

as an additional method in the treatment of blackheads using facial cleansing and plucking massage, surface cryotherapy, darsonvalization, burning electricity or chemicals, laser treatment, and others. - To carry out all this must be a competent person.

Black acne can not be cured quickly : it requires time, persistence and patience - because the problem is not only the skin, but also inside the body.That is why it is important to respect the right diet.

alcohol should be discarded without question, to limit in the diet of sharp, sweet and fatty foods, and sometimes completely eliminate the black tea, coffee, salt, white flour products and white rice - for a while.


At the 1st stage of the diet is necessary to carry out discharge (2-3 days) to the fruits: you can eat plum, pineapple, grapefruit, unsweetened grapes, pears, apples.You can drink a decoction of rose hips, grass tea, clean water without additives, or water with lemon juice.

Then, within a few days to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouted grains, millet porridge and brown rice, nuts;then connect the low-fat dairy products and boiled fish, legumes and dried fruits.

Remember that treat acne any more difficult than preventing their occurrence;besides, on the skin after they may remain scars.

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