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Egg white face.

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homemade mask with egg white facial

very simple mask of protein and lemon juice.Separate the white from the yolk is easy: it is necessary to carefully break an egg into a cup and a spoon with non-acute edges to remove the yolk, and with the remaining protein to do everything that is necessary.Thus, protein shake up to 1 tsplemon juice and apply the mixture to the face in 2-3 layers.After 20 minutes, washed with cool water.If you add more juice (1 tablespoon), whitening effect mask will increase.

This mask, but with the addition of ground oatmeal, cleans the pores and skin.Beat protein with juice mixed gently with 1-2 tablespoonsflakes, milled in a coffee grinder and used as described above.

If you change the composition a little more, get a nice mask for rejuvenating aging skin.Furthermore juices and cereals, is added to the protein powder obtained from dried lemon peel.Mask hold 15 minutes and washed with cold water.

as scrub, you can choose a mask with crushed nuts.Th

e protein is combined with the milled into flour almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts, and the mixture is applied to the face gently massaging lines, being careful not to injure the damaged skin.

mask with the addition of apples is useful for oily, shiny skin with clogged pores, inflammation and the formation of acne.Small apple is necessary to finely grate and mix it with the protein, whipped to a high foam.Keep the mask on your face for 20 minutes and rinse with lukewarm water, then wipe the face tonic lotion.

mask removes excessive fat content of protein and cosmetic clay, white or blue - it is suitable for oily and combination skin, reduces inflammation and eliminates acne.Beat the protein necessary to mix well with the clay (2 tsp), 15 minutes to put weight on the face, rinse with cold water.Apply this mask should be regularly 1-2 times a week - it gives the skin a matte finish.

Egg white face
Photo: egg white facial

matting effect and the mask has a low-fat fermented milk product or sour berries.Protein is necessary to shake up with natural yogurt, curd, yogurt, etc., Or with 1 tablespoonpulp currant, cherry, rowan or cranberries.

following mask is perfect for combination and normal skin: it is perfectly nourishes, cleanses and heals perfectly minor injuries.Protein whisk 1 tablespoonhoney and 1 tspolive oil, add 2 tbspoatmeal, mix and even layer applied to the face;wash off after 15 minutes.

gentle nourishing and caring mask obtained from protein and sugar: it cleans, smooths and rejuvenates the skin.1 tbspwhipped sugar with the protein in a thick foam, and the foam is applied directly to the face.Wash off after 20 minutes with cool water.

Egg white face
Photo: egg white facial

Egg white face - masks advantage.Features and contraindications

have masks on the basis of egg white has an important advantage: they have almost instant rejuvenating effect.Once you wash off the mask, you can immediately notice that the improved appearance of the skin: it becomes a smooth, matte and velvet touch recalls.However, this effect does not hold for long, but when used regularly, can achieve substantial and rather persistent improvement of the type and condition of skin, as well as neck and décolleté.

Applying mask with egg white, we must remember that they can not be washed off even too hot and warm water: the coagulated protein in the skin - not a pleasant feeling.Rinse they should be tepid or cool water - not higher than 18 ° C.Apply the mask to the protein needed layers: after the first coat wait for about 5 minutes, applying the next, etc.The effectiveness of masks increases, combined with massage and peeling skin.For very dry and sensitive skin mask with egg white is not recommended.

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