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Salt baths.

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simple and effective salt bath to cleanse the leg : it not only clears them from stubborn dirt and dust, but also reduces sweating, eliminates harmful bacteria - including fungal pathogens.Feet should be washed as usual, and immerse them in a small, but deep basin - hot water up to his ankles.In the bath sea salt - 3 dessert spoons or 3-4 tablespoonscommon salt;take 15 minutes.This solution cleans the pores and nourishes the skin with minerals.

strengthens the blood vessels on my feet with bath salt and lime color instead of ordinary water using a warm lime infusion.

In these cases, as well as to improve blood circulation and relieve fatigue take a tray with the lemon juice.Before you lower the leg in a warm saline solution, rub them with fresh juice squeezed from 2 lemons, and hold until the water cools down.When varicose veins is also useful, but the water should not be too hot.

adding in a bath different essential oils - eucalyptus, pine, mint and so on - you can g

et a toning solution.When cold, if not increased temperature helps foot bath with salt and pine infusion: the infusion should be very warm, and put 3-4 tablespoons salt

Hot salt baths, if not contraindicated, help you quickly get rid of chronic warts, calluses and corns.For example, if the sole "settled" nasty wart foot steam out, soak a towel and sear the wart with iodine for a few minutes at a time - it should be almost black.For 7 days, if you repeat the procedure every night, the wart can be completely "lime."

minerals contained in the salt impact not only on the skin and nails, but also at joints, and muscle tissue.Of course, again, better to take a sea salt and gray stone, too perfect: a lot of minerals in it - silicon, iron, bromine and others. - Remove the bath with her heavy legs and return joints mobility.Iodized salt, if used for foot baths, helps to quickly heal cracked heels and take steps to prevent fungal diseases of the foot.

cool foot bath with salt (not above 25 ° C) are used when you need to quickly remove the leg fatigue and restore their tone, and warm (38-39 ° C) comfort - it is better to take before bedtime.

Salt baths for hands and nails

hands and nails, too, need constant care and salt baths is very help.Washing powder and other household cleaning products we use every day: your skin dries, thickens and flakes, and the nails lose their color, break, crumble and exfoliate.

Salt baths

Return the hands and nails healthy can, if within 10 days of placing salt baths .You can buy a special container in the cosmetic store, or use the usual deep bowl.Hands immersed in a salt solution (1 tablespoon in the bath) for 15-20 minutes, then wipe with a soft cloth, causing fat cream for the hands and nails (can be olive oil), and make a gentle massage.A month later, repeat the course.In parallel with these baths is good to do a mask for the nails with red pepper.

nails will get more benefit if added to a solution of the essential oil of lemon or orange, 2-3 drops - it first dropped on the salt and then the salt is dissolved in water.Another added iodine to strengthen nails - 5-7 drops to the bath, and pharmacy vitamins A and E. A quick nails will help lighten the lemon juice - a slice of fresh lemon should be rubbed after their baths.

in pharmacies and cosmetic stores now you can buy salt complex with the addition of herbal extracts - it is more expensive than ordinary table salt, but the effect of such baths will be more effective.

Contraindications Do not do salt baths for legs, hands and nails with the unhealed burns, skin inflammation and wounds.

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