Breakdown: causes and symptoms.

There are other factors that cause the development of neurosis.

chronic hypoxia - oxygen starvation associated with a permanent stay in poorly ventilated, enclosed spaces: in cities, people spend so much of their time.

electromagnetic radiation, from which no escape: the modern building is literally packed with metal and filled with appliances, and people are exposed to electromagnetic fields 24 hours a day.

hereditary and other diseases can also cause nerve damage, but it is a separate issue and large.

treatment of disorders of the nervous system Treatment of neurosis

holds specialist: psychologist, neurologist, neuropathologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist.As a rule, they are appointed not only drugs, but also the course of psychotherapy.Of drugs commonly prescribed tranquilizers, antidepressants and nootropics;it is worth remembering that they are - for the most part, affect the symptoms of neurosis, and not on their true causes.Therefore, consult a doctor as early as possible: the first s

tages of the disease well help fortifying agents and vitamin-mineral complexes, physiotherapy, massage and physiotherapy, as well as folk remedies that are known to a lot - they, too, need to be discussed separately, but we will give a pairsimple recipes.

Folk remedies for the treatment of nervous disorders

Infusion blackberry leaves and hop cones taken one hour before a meal, with 100 ml 4 times a day.Leaves (100 g) and cones (50 g) is ground, mixed, pour 2 tablespoonsgathering in a thermos with boiling water (2 cups) and left overnight.In the morning strain and drink throughout the day.

Nervous breakdown
Photo breakdown

Oats are used in the treatment of nervous diseases for a long time.Infusion of oats cooked the same way: poured into a thermos milled grain (2 tablespoons), pour boiling water (2 cups) for the night and filter.Drink it at any time of the day, whenever you want.You can cook for yourself and more of infusion, but its use has Contraindications: intolerance except oats, that kidney and heart failure, liver disease and some of the gall bladder, so that the advice of the attending physician is necessary.

Spa treatment of nervous disorders became popular back in the middle of the XIX century - then it is the direction to develop the best European doctors.Today, the treatment of neuroses in a nursing home is one of the best ways to restore the nervous system: the beneficial effects of having clean air, natural mineral water and water treatment, walking, special diets and other components of comprehensive treatment.In such circumstances, the nervous system is restored gradually, naturally, becomes stronger and less susceptible to adverse environmental factors.In the hospital this treatment is rarely used - combined techniques there are hardly used.

Nervous breakdown
Photo breakdown

Neuroses well treated: as the doctors say - the prognosis is favorable, but if a person turned to a specialist in a timely manner, and the way of life has managed to rebuild, and as close to normal.If

treat yourself on a "self-will" and "all the way live", you can have an average age to get serious gastrointestinal diseases, blood vessels, heart, brain and generally become a disabled person: do not assume breakdowns harmless poser.

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