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Fading skin.

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In the summer heat it is necessary to use a moisturizing spray or spray the face with mineral water: the skin of the face at the time moisture is essential.

homemade mask for aging skin and other tools work well, too, and always useful for all skin types, and fading skin requires more power.Masks will give a good result, if you do them regularly: optionally repeating one mask course - you first need to find what suits your skin, and for this you can try different recipes.In those days, when you do not have time to prepare a mask of homemade ingredients, ready to use: with a cosmetic clay, collagen and others. - They can now be free to buy in the drugstore or cosmetic store.

Care for aging skin

first - cleansing peeling with fruit acids.Choose fruits rich in vitamin C - such as lemon and kiwi.Small peeled kiwi fruit mash (or whipped in a blender) into mush, add lemon juice (2 tablespoons), the mixture is mixed and applied to damp skin.Fruit acids are working very actively

: tingling and burning sensations can be quite unpleasant.If begins to burn, the mask is better to wash once, but on average it is kept for 5-7 minutes;oily skin - 10-12 minutes.After peeling applied calming (reducing) cream or jelly.

Fading skin
Photo: fading skin

excellent home remedy for aging skin will mask with aloe vera - This plant has long been known for its regenerative properties.Cut aloe leaves kept on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator 10-14 days, and then they are ground to a pulp or juice squeezed.Gruel or juice you need 3 tablespoons plus olive oil (1 tablespoon) and yogurt (1-2 tsp).To put density oat flour.The mixture was applied for 20 minutes;wash with warm water and rinse your face with cold.

high biological activity of the ordinary yeast.Their (1-2 tsp) are diluted in a little warm milk with 1 tablespoonhoney, and also (when necessary) is added oat flour.Mask improves blood circulation, nourishes the skin and stimulates cell regeneration;it is kept on the face for 20 minutes and washed off with warm water.

Essential oils for aging skin

Fading skin
Photo: fading skin

has the most anti-aging properties of essential oils, and many of them are great for aging skin.

Neroli eliminates signs of wilting, accelerates the growth of new cells and slows aging.The skin becomes fresh and elastic, it returns elasticity and smooth wrinkles appeared.Apply this oil simply by adding it (2 drops) in the home cosmetics.

elasticity and firmness returns aging facial skin oil of juniper.It animates even sluggish and flabby skin.Tired skin and earthy hue eliminated, and the complexion is healthy and strong.It is also an essential oil successfully helps the skin to get rid of toxins and free radicals;for oily skin aging it is particularly useful.The home remedies, including a mask, it is added 2-5 drops.

Essential oil of anise is not as popular as other more well-known in the use of oil, and in vain: for the sluggish and flabby skin is perfectly suited because restores hydro-lipid balance.If this balance is disturbed, the skin can lose elasticity and wrinkle at any age - anise oil restores its vitality and freshness.At home, his makeup was added 2-3 drops per serving, or mixed with base oils for skin care: castor, olive, coconut and others.

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