How fast to lose weight after giving birth

should eat 5-6 times a day, do not bring themselves to hunger: very hungry, you can eat more than you need.

Food should not be fat or high-calorie and nutritious.Plate of stewed vegetables with a piece of boiled meat better than the sweet bun and the sweet tea with cream, as are complex carbohydrates and protein, and the stomach is filled with fine - the feeling of satiety lasts longer.

Eating should be a really important thing: not to eat while watching TV or rush to eat "rainy day", when the baby sleeps - it happens quite often.Food "on the move" violates the digestion, the body can not navigate and begins to "twitch" - the weight at the same time "chasing back and forth," and the process of losing weight is delayed.

how quickly lose weight after giving birth
Photo: how to lose weight quickly after giving birth

What foods to choose to lose weight after giving birth? They should be enough of all vitamins, minerals, protein, carbohydrates, fat, etc., and carbohydrates are the basis of nutrition a young mother.This porridge of whole g

rains, vegetables, fruits, diet bread, pasta of the "hard" flour.From vegetables and fruit body parallel to get the vitamins and minerals;Protein is necessary to take out low-fat dairy products and cheese, eggs, lean meat and fish.

meat or fish rather have 6-8 times a week - for example, 2-3 - fish and meat - 4-5 times;small portions of about 100 g But the "milk" is needed most - at least twice a day.Butter - is animal fat in the diet, and it should be no more than 10%, so that the bulk of the food for better cook in vegetable oil.Therefore, breast-feeding and a balanced diet - it's been two significant factor for getting rid of extra savings.

Sports: how to lose weight after giving birth

Physical activity is also a mandatory "part of the program": if you make excuses busy and skip the baby in a stroller on the balcony, weight loss will be delayed for a long time.For the child, such "walk" is not too useful, so wear comfortable shoes and walk twice a day, weather permitting;back while walking must keep right and rotate slower pace with a fast walk.

fats consumed while working muscles, but work is more tiring home than trains: it is necessary to load all the muscles, not just the legs and back - it is fraught with pain and swelling.If you wear the baby for a walk in "Kangaroo" will strengthen the back muscles and the press: only need to regularly change his position, putting "kangaroo" in front and behind.Some women manage to reduce your weight is only due to this load: because the baby slowly gaining weight and muscle mother gradually strengthened.

more or less complex load can develop after about 3-4 months after birth - if health permits and health.Special training in the fitness room - the best option today can be practiced individually, but not all mothers can someone leave the child.However, you can use a video - are now developed many excellent programs for young mothers as well.With regard to home treadmills, the perfect choice to be cardio - exercise bike, stepper, treadmill, and others.

Once the baby starts to walk, try to walk with them as often as possible and longer, and do not sit on the bench, and actively play - in factwalking areas and other kids with their moms.You can play "catch-up" - to run with the child, holding it by the handle and trying to catch up with the older children, and then to the ball.Children's outdoor games a lot, and this pastime will not only help improve the shape, but will delight children and generally bring a lot of joy.

water to help figure

Water treatments - is also a very efficient way to lose weight.The swimming pool at least once a week, and when the baby grows up and can be left with the other members of the family go there often.Water aerobics, and even a simple swim perfectly helps to get rid of cellulite and tighten muscles, but for starters, you can restrict and domestic procedures, for example, pine and salt baths for weight loss.Douches breastfeeding mother should not use, but suitable hydro: now they and other similar attributes are often equipped with domestic showers.

how quickly lose weight after giving birth
Photo: how to lose weight quickly after giving birth

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