If you can not become a kinder person, try to ignore it completely.If colleagues do not allow you to live in peace, to change jobs, to have people around you with joy, and you them.You will see the stresses and strains leave you, life will be relaxed and happy, and improve the health and disease recede away.

Learn to forgive and ask for forgiveness.Another thing is that the techniques of forgiveness is not always understood: for example, what if you just can not ask for forgiveness - the person is away, or even no longer in this world?It turns out it is not so difficult: the main thing - just sincere at heart, and send that person a mental image of his forgiveness.If forgiveness is sincere, it will be heard.

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way, petty grievances, accumulated over the years, is what creates the very "dark karma", which does not want to hear ardent materialists.But the essence of the universal law, referred to this concept is very simple, and clearly expressed in the well-known Russian proverb: "Wh

at you sow, so shall you reap."Make vyvol: Change yourself and the world will change around you.Foster a love for people, and they do not keep you waiting, will answer your mutual love.

starting to be a responsible person

Another effective way, which they say many psychologists - has finally become a responsible person.Council may seem strange: after all, we have long grown men who are educated, work (often prestigious) or business, family and children (and even grandchildren), but, sadly, most people are adults and responsible only biologically, but theirpsychological maturation stops at 15-17 years - at best.Adults will not make decisions under the influence of emotions and be able to remain calm in any situation, no matter how difficult it may seem.

adulthood develop at any age - it's never too late, and the first step - to take responsibility for all the emotions and feelings.At the level of intelligence that many are aware of the responsibility, but in critical situations people tend to forget about everything and react as programmed machines, and then blame themselves for incontinence and temper.First aid is - deep breath: the same method, which is also "heard it all", but not all use.This allows you to add a breath of oxygen in the blood - usually in problem situations are often "not enough air," even though around him enough - and helps to rapidly reduce the emotional stress - try to check.A little calmer, immediately ask yourself the question: why am I so excited?So whether adults behave?Sometimes this is enough to regain his composure almost completely.

Well, if your surroundings are people who have gained the respect of others for its ability to self-control.Then you can imagine how they would have behaved in a similar situation - is also very helpful.You can also use a way to look the part: to learn to watch other people when they are angry and behave aggressively.The spectacle of unpleasant, but it is necessary each time to present yourself in their place: if at a difficult time this picture will turn on automatically, and tranquility will return fairly quickly - no one wants to look like a "monster" or "shrew".

Live in this light

there are other tips that we rarely taken seriously, although they work fine, too - like the "ambulance."For example, a few minutes to look at the sky, or try to imagine a world with a bird's eye view;smile, or introduce your relationship with the planet and the cosmos;drink water or go for a walk.

And yet each one of us should keep in mind that virtually all people on the earth are equal.Never think that you are better than others.Perhaps just at this stage of life you are lucky a little more than someone else.But who knows what will happen tomorrow ?!Stay Human, compassionate, understanding, loving.Respect the people around you, and people will respect you.

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Consider also that their future only create ourselves - in our present, which is a "here and now".Therefore, keeping the peace and helping others to do so, we do provide himself a life full of love and joy.