Chees Feta.

To get the daily requirement of calcium and phosphorus, it is enough to eat 100 grams of feta cheese.A useful lactic acid bacteria in Fet so that their is enough to eliminate gastrointestinal disorders - including those caused by food poisoning, the normalization of the intestinal flora and even the fight against certain parasites.However, these properties have feta made from natural and non-pasteurized sheep's milk.

have feta cheese and a lot of other useful features.Its use may improve sleep and reduce the effects of stress due to the content of tryptophan - an amino acid is converted into the neurotransmitter serotonin in the body.Today, you can often hear about the shortage and even serotonin deficiency, in which there is depressed, so that feta cheese can be regarded as a kind of antidepressant - useful and tasty.

Due to the high content of calcium, feta recommended for pregnant and lactating women, children and young people - it is necessary to soak it in milk or water to reduce salinity;people

who are prone to frequent fractures due to bone fragility;while brittle nails, hair and other cosmetic problems.It is said that the use of the properties of sheep's cheese in cosmetology yet mastered the ancient inhabitants of Mesopotamia, and there are even recipes for masks with them.For example, nutritional anti-aging mask with 50 g feta cheese, honey and lemon juice (1 tablespoon).Cheese rubbed with honey, add the juice, a little water and rub until smooth.Apply the mask on the face, neck and décolleté for 15-20 minutes.Rinse with warm water.

Feta cheese at home

Buy feta cheese in the stores is not difficult - it costs about the same as other cheeses, or a little more expensive.Another thing that stumble on a fake, too easy, but here it is necessary to be careful and know how to choose the cheese.First, feta - Greek product containing sheep milk (goat may be part of - up to 30%) and salt thereof, and stored in the brine.Cow's milk in it should not be.The ideal color for a good feta cheese - white and its surface should be covered with small holes.Aroma - rich and fresh, milky taste - spicy, moderately salty.

To prepare feta in the home need to buy goat milk - sheep in the shops you can hardly find.From the cow will not feta cheese and simply - it is better to call a spade a spade.Milk should be enough to take - for example, 2 liters, or a piece of cheese to get a little.This technology, as in Greece, was not at home: it is proposed to use sour cream (200 g), the enzyme pepsin (8 tablets), or buy at the pharmacy atsidin-pepsin - it's easier.At half-diluted milk cream and the other half is heated to 38 ° C.The heated milk is combined with dairy sour cream is added to the mixture and dissolved in 3 tablespoonsboiled water pepsin.Everything is stirred and allowed to stand overnight in a moderately warm place or at room temperature, and in the morning drained whey curdle mass spread on a sieve and leave to drain.Approximately 2 hours later the mass shift in a bag of dense natural fabric, is pressed against the load and allowed at least 12 hours;Then the cheese can be laid out on a dish and cut into several pieces.

Chees Feta
Photo: Feta cheese

If the cheese was very soft, gently rub it with salt: excess fluid out, and the cheese is compacted.Too hard cheese, on the contrary, is put on the hour in the salt water or serum.

Another way is to use only milk and salt - just like a classic.1 liter of goat's milk, just starting to turn sour, pour into a saucepan with thick walls and heated in the oven for an hour, the oven includes a 180 °, putting to pan, and the milk is heated slowly - it should not boil.Curd mixture is carefully poured into a colander lined with cheesecloth, and wait for the drain.The remaining mass is salted to taste and spread in prepared pan - salted side should be at the bottom, salt on top and level the surface with a rolling pin.Per liter of milk can take 2-3 tspsalt.The cheese is left for a few hours at room temperature, and then put in the refrigerator.There can be the next day.

With feta prepared salads, appetizers, casseroles and pies;it goes well with fruits and vegetables, herbs and mushrooms.It also added to meat and fish dishes although it's not quite right, it turns out very tasty.

Feta cheese is not recommended for use in renal disease and hypertension, as well as a tendency to obesity - because of its caloric content.However, not very fat feta can successfully replace meat, replenishing the body's need for protein, and is even used in weight loss diets.

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