Inattention: types and causes.

picture, unfortunately, typical, and inattention - a consequence of this behavior, so it is best to treat your brain more accurately.Instead of "napominalok" try using a regular diary, recording it all the important information: attention has activated because you start often handle a pen or pencil.A mobile phone and sometimes even the Internet is to disable: arrange a holiday from them at least for a day, you can make a lot of backlog and complete set of cases.

with a lack of movement and lack of sleep, too, can be overcome.Go to the gym is not that at all, but to do morning exercises we were taught at school - it's time to think about it.And you walk as soon as an opportunity: the fresh air and sunshine improve the ability to think clearly and concentrate.Do not think that the failure to walk save time - usually everything goes vice versa.And when you begin to regularly do exercises and walk, sleep normalized "automatically": insomnia will go, and operation and care will improve.

Photo: inattention

And what to do with stress?

That stress is the cause of most common diseases, and the attention it weakens dramatically: can we ever stop to respond to the environment and to think anything.

Stress - it's always a tension (so this word is translated from English), and in most people it is the result of negative emotions varying degrees of force.Therefore, as soon as you notice that you become tired, nervous and anxious about everything, to arrange a vacation: relax 15 minutes during working hours - just get on the air.No time?Leave the workplace at least 5 minutes and do such a pause regularly - stress just starts to recede.Otherwise, you may begin headaches, digestive problems, and heart rate, shortness of breath, and then resistant depression and a sharp weakening of immunity: while attention problems recede into the background - will have to be treated seriously.

Negative emotions are not just harmful but deadly, especially now, when life around "in full swing": in a state of irritation is very easy to attract the dangerous and catastrophic events.Emerging problems should not "bury" and constructively addressed;emotions better transform into positive - success here comes with practice.

when seeking medical attention

little about states with whom it is better not to try to cope on their own, and to go to the experts: the sooner the better.

Now there's a new kind of psychological disorders - attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: abbreviated as psychologists call it ADHD - it begins in childhood, but it can be fixed.Adults with the syndrome have difficulty in performing sequential tasks, do not work well in a team;they often have low self-esteem and they feel useless.Treatments are different: psychotherapy, neuropsychological correction - specific lessons, exercises, etc., and drug therapy - is very rare.

If you sleep about 8 hours a day and still feel drowsiness and dizziness if you experience mood swings for no apparent reason, if you need more than 5-10 minutes, it is difficult to sit in one place - please refer to a specialist.

To the doctor to go and if you are distracted from work for a short time, a long time can not return to it, and try to find as many reasons for this.However, there still may be easier (or harder - for whom): work should change.

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