Beef tongue: properties and benefits.

broth salt near the end of cooking - if you do it at the beginning, the language will be more stringent;add root vegetables (carrot, parsley), pepper and bay leaf.Ready language need a few minutes to put in cold water, so that it is easier to clean.You can add salt and season with already purified language, it is better to "take" salt and spices: put it back into the broth and cook for another 10-15 minutes;Then the broth is useful for the preparation of filler or soup, but it is necessary to take a fresh root vegetables.Welded language stored in the refrigerator, as the sausage.

Recipes with beef tongue

simple salad with beef tongue .Boiled beef tongue (500 g), boiled in their skins peeled potatoes (300 g) and 2 pickled cucumbers cut into cubes, thin strips - 2 stalks celery, big apple rub on a coarse grater.All mixed salad bowl, pour dressing - wine vinegar (1 tbsp) olive oil (2 tablespoons) and honey (1 teaspoon), white pepper and salt to taste, stir again, sprinkle with gratedcheese (50 g) and

chopped green onions.

pate of beef tongue turns tender and tasty.Boiled on the rules of the language of medium-sized cut into small pieces and put in the bowl of a blender.There also add peeled 2 boiled eggs, 70 grams of softened butter, a handful of chopped dill, black pepper and salt to taste.All whipped into a homogeneous mass, shift pate on a flat plate, giving it form and put in the fridge.

Photo: beef tongue

C language can be boiled for half an hour to cook a complete meal - a vegetable stew, braised in the oven.Carrots (1 pc.) And potatoes (4 pcs.), Cut into cubes and put in a pot layers.Next layer - chopped just boiled tongue (600 g).Cut onion rings, fried in oil until golden, spread on the tongue and pour all the broth in which it was cooked.You can take a bigger pot, and put the vegetables and the language in several layers.Pot put in a hot oven for 30 minutes.Ready stew sprinkled with parsley in the dishes.

How to choose beef tongue

If you buy beef tongue on the market, pay attention to the signs of freshness and quality.Fresh language has a pink hue, or slightly purple, if it is rich in iron;if the language was subjected to freezing, it may have a light pink color and the product grayish color to buy is not necessary - it is stale.Check the freshness may be, a finger pressed on language: the fresh product deepening rapidly disappearing.When cut language should not be blood and turbid liquid - it should be transparent;Language smells fresh meat only, and nothing else.And of course, the language must be stamped health services, as well as on all types of meat sold in the market.

Photo: beef tongue

I would like to say that when you buy in the supermarket, you can be calm and show less attention, but it's not: Unfortunately, unscrupulous suppliers and retailers today are not uncommon.

purchasing fresh beef tongue, use it as soon as possible, or put in the freezer: keep the language on the shelf of the refrigerator is not recommended - it will quickly begin to deteriorate, lose its usefulness and taste.

specific contraindications to eat beef tongue not.Even the tendency to allergies and diseases of the thyroid gland can be there, but rarely and little.Harmful beef tongue in our time is often attributed to the fact that during the growth of the cattle used a lot of chemical drugs and supplements for rapid growth.

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