fixing this state is very different contribute to bad habits - for example, the habit of "gab" on any occasion.Empty talk "about nothing" literally devour our time and energy consuming, so concentrate, or "get together" it becomes almost impossible.For example, a person has planned something important - something that should have been done long ago, or even something mandatory, but met a friend, or he phoned someone and all plans were immediately forgotten.

With women so often happens: the time they spend on "savoring" negative information, or to discuss someone else's personal life, from politicians and the "stars" and ending with the neighbors on the porch.

not surprising that after such a pastime to take up serious things one does not want, and they are carried out, anyhow - if only it was done.

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With nesobrannosti can handle

Unfortunately, some people, such a position is large enough they find their nesobrannost trait and almost require around meekly endured their

attitudes andbehavior.However, if by nesobrannosti you really want to get rid of, this is not so difficult, and even without the help of a psychologist.

can start right in the morning, and it is better in the evening.You are going for a long time in the morning?Prepare yourself evening all clothing and shoes, as well as all the products necessary for the preparation of breakfast and the time you spend on make-up, cut in half.I do not want?Then you have to get up early, sleep deprivation and nobody is beneficial, so it is better to be prudent.

Another "hard" way: put the clock - to put them forward for 15-20 minutes, and forget about it.Of course, it's a game, but it is better to take seriously: you stop being late and wasting time on empty talk, and people will start to respect you and appreciate - it will definitely enjoy it.

not work?Connect the "physical" method.Once you feel laziness and unwillingness to deal with the case, do some vigorous exercise, breathe deeply and arrange their hands "douche" with a conventional crane, alternating cold dousing hot - such a procedure will help to cheer up quickly.

Live your life

Exploring nesobrannosti problem, the same British scientists have found that their compatriots are different this property are more likely than residents of other countries.This conclusion was made after a statistical study: how many people in the UK a year lose their keys?It turned out that many of these - more than 5.5 million., And women in this sense are the "champions", different keys losing 4-5 times per year.

What is the reason?Psychologists believe that the blame for CFS - Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Tired people unknowingly tend to get rid of the keys to reducing the number of daily "dumped" their responsibilities and problems.

Conclusion: Doing it is what you are really interested in, rather than to convince oneself that "all the way live" and "the problems can not escape."The responsibility for themselves and their lives people gladly willing to bear only when engaged in a real favorite thing, and in such cases nesobrannosti and other negative phenomena in our reality just is not the place.

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