Milkshakes at home: how to cook and recipes

lung milkshake recipe we present separately .Low-fat milk or yogurt is necessary to take 600 ml of any fresh berries (fruit) - 200 g, add 2-3 tspnatural honey and a little vanilla.All whisk in a blender for a few minutes, add 2-3 fresh mint - if there is, and drink immediately.More precise again: if you want to lose weight, drink should completely replace the meal, rather than adding to breakfast, lunch or dinner.

How to cook and recipes milkshake

Now other recipes milkshakes .

simplest milkshake made from ice cream (250 g), and milk (1 liter).The best option: regular ice cream and milk fat middle just whipped in a blender until the foam.Cocktail is a liquid, and it will be easier to drink through a straw, if you take more milk;Accordingly, more and more ice-cream cocktail make thick and heavy - here everything is to your liking.

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adding a little fruit or berry syrup (raspberry, strawberry, cherry, etc.), You can get a cocktail with any taste, but you can ice cream to ta

ke different varieties - nowthere is no lack.However, the healthier and tastier milk shakes with fresh fruits and berries.

For example, this: drinking yoghurt (0.5 L) and ice (200 g) were mixed in a blender with sliced ​​bananas, strawberries, pears (1-2 cups).You can also use the jam - in the winter, this option is perfectly suitable.

oranges and chocolates we have at any time of the year - you can cook them a cocktail that will appeal to both children and adults.100 grams of milk chocolate and orange peel rubbed on a grater, mixed in an enamel pot with milk (1.5 cups), a pinch of cinnamon and heated with stirring on low heat.When the mass is smooth, pour into a cocktail glass or large cup, and decorate the edge of the orange slices.

«Universal" can be considered milk-shake and currant.In a blender whisk yogurt medium oil and fresh currants (100 g) with powdered sugar (2 teaspoons) and two ice cubes.Ready cocktail poured into glasses and decorate with currants.

following recipe - for adults only.It includes the famous Irish cream liqueur Baileys (10 ml), whiskey (20 ml) milk and cream (100 ml);If desired, the whiskey can not be used, and take 30 ml of liquor.Ingredients whipped in a blender and pour into a tall glass beaker cylindrical shape - highball.

Cocktail with coffee children would hardly suitable.Strong black coffee take 50 ml, mix it in a blender with milk (50 ml) Cream (15 ml) and ice cream (50 g), pour the mixture in the same glass as the previous recipe, put to another - a scoop of ice creamcocktail and decorate top with whipped cream.

But for the children is very good and gentle air cocktail with cherry juice, cheese and condensed milk.The juice should be squeezed out of fresh cherries - you will need a handful of berries, and beat it in a blender with cream cheese and condensed milk (1 tablespoon) until uniform - no lumps.Milk also be heated: it must not be hot, but very warm, and whisking it must be in a convenient cup blenders on maximum power for 1 minute.Will air foam, which is necessary to add the mixture of juice, cheese and condensed milk, and beat a few more seconds.Thick shake gently poured into a cup (cup) and 3-5 minutes put in the freezer to cool.Decorate with fresh cherries.

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Beautiful design cocktails - also an important point.Light milkshakes are usually decorated with grated chocolate, ground nuts, slices of bright fruit, green leaves and berries.