Peach: Peach: calorie, benefits and properties

Peach: Peach
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Calorie and benefits: Peach Peach

peaches themselves rarely cause allergies, so that they can safely have both adults and children.Drinking: Peach and other peaches improves bowel, eliminates flatulence, strengthens the immune system, helps to maintain a healthy weight.If the propensity to depression and decadent mood instead of sweets and cakes are best eaten fresh peaches;they relieve irritation, improve heart, liver, kidney and gall bladder.

Notably, these delicious and nutritious fruits help women easily and happily carry a pregnancy: they not only saturate the body with vitamins, but also to relieve the excruciating nausea.Calorie is these healthy fruits is low - about 36 kcal per 100 grams (ie, in a peach), so the weight loss they really fit perfectly.

There is even a peach diet if properly observe it, you can successfully get rid of 6-7 kg of excess weight and cleanse the body of accumulated toxins.And this can not be called a diet of starvation and painful: not all

owed to eat only other fruits and vegetables, and chicken and veal, and ham, fish, eggs, cheese, dairy products, legumes, and even spaghetti, and still the result is wonderful.

Even if you just eat the peaches for lunch and afternoon tea, the metabolism has improved, and the weight will start to leave.But after a meal, as a dessert, peaches have not: they are sweet and juicy, and cause fermentation in the stomach - the food is not digested properly, and affected not only figure, but also health.

: Peach peaches, like any other, is permitted to enter into the diet of young children - you can give them 10 months, but it is necessary to remove the skin - that it contains substances often cause allergies.Excitable and hyperactive children especially peaches help, and also allow parents to feel calmer.

Peach: Peach
Photo: Peach Peach

: Peach peaches in cooking

In cooking: Peach peaches can be used as well as other varieties.They are ready not only drinks, desserts and pies, and sauces, salads, meat and fish dishes.

Of course, it is best to eat these fruits in fresh form, but of hard peaches can be prepared preserves, jams and compotes.

When canning peaches in a well preserved nutrients - in this sense they are "resistant" than other fruits.For example, you can prepare for the winter: Peach peaches in syrup.The fruit wash, cut, remove the seeds, put the halves prepared in clean, sterilized jars 0.5 liters, pour the hot sugar syrup and put the jars in a large pot of hot water.Once the water has boiled, peaches sterilized for 10 minutes and then removed banks spin sterilized caps, inverted and wrapped.

can dry the peaches - as well as apricots and cook them in the winter compotes, add to baked goods and other dishes.It is necessary to take undamaged ripe fruit, put them in a saucepan, pour in the boiling water for 2 minutes, remove and dry, cut and remove the bone.Then peaches are placed on a baking sheet and dried in a slightly heated oven - at 60 ° C.These dried fruits are stored in bags made of soft fabric in a dark cool place.

contraindications to use: Peach peaches are very few diabetes, allergic reactions and idiosyncrasy.