Fashion Accessories Autumn 2015

Health and Beauty Fashion

Large beautiful earrings can become the focal point of your image, with them you will look smart, even in a modest black dress.This season, the earrings are so long that their lower elements - flowers, balloons or colored stones - may lie on the shoulders.

One earring

Fashion Accessories Autumn 2015

Very unusual and bold looks, one big earrings calling form.Sun, huge flower, a butterfly, a bird's wing, feather - the bizarre forms, the better.Autumn shows in Milan, Paris and other world fashion centers have proven that this accessory is very relevant in this season.

Pearl Jewelry

Fashion Accessories Autumn 2015
Fashion Accessories Autumn 2015

We are accustomed to the fact that the jewelry with pearls - is synonymous with elegance, sophistication and a certain rigor.This season is different - completely different-pearl is used, the location of the pearls - asymmetric and together help to create a naughty and cheeky way.Wear pearls in one ear, use it for body piercing, decorated with a huge pearl necklace metal - in the autumn of 2015 can be everything!

Incidentally, bracelets and rings with pearls now carry not only evening dress but just T-shirts, torn jeans and a sweater.

Large brooches autumn 2015

Fashion Accessories Autumn 2015

true that brooches were on the pages of fashion magazines the time of our mothers and grandmothers!Today incredibly popular all sorts of bright brooch: they are no longer the almost imperceptible small decorative details that used to be attached to the collar or lapel, and it is a separate element of the image.Fashion designers offer or to adorn themselves with a huge brooch with bright large stones and other eye-catching details, either use several brooches of different sizes, are creating interesting compositions.

Sculpture Futurism

Fashion Accessories Autumn 2015

Try a large volume bracelet of metal, plastic or glass, the shape of which is striking for its sculptural lines, unexpected twists and originality.Surely you will not be able to give pleasure to appear with fashionable bracelet to the party, because it is guaranteed to draw everyone's attention to you!

Retro jewelry autumn 2015

Fashion Accessories Autumn 2015

quite in the tradition of '70s fashion - numerous circuits and chains, as well as a huge number of all kinds of brushes and brushes of cord, metal fibers and other materials.Some models appeared at fashion shows, completely hung with such ornaments.However, such perfectionism is good only for the podium.In real life, quite a few to choose a chain or pendant or earrings in the form of brushes.