The healing power of objects, icons, holy places

The prophecies (predictions) about the fate of Russia

People are always attracted to mysticism, drawn to something unusual, mysterious, supernatural.Belief in miracles for centuries does not pass, and vice versa - is strengthened.Miracles may await us all, time - and find an old photograph, which when touched like the current hit and it seems that you know these people, and then it turns out to be true (in the picture shown your great-grandparents).And sometimes vice versa - familiar name to visit some place and you there is not something that would not pull, but on the contrary, this thought makes you a clear desire to go nowhere.Listen to your heart!

Things and places have often amazing properties and a man endowed with instinct and intuition, it always feels!What's strange - burial place of worship or worship of the gods over the centuries have not changed: one to the gods came to replace the other, but a place where people came, remained the same.Who is looking for explanations for these phenomena and sometimes surprising finding: the rift crustal a

ctivity, magnetic anomalies, underground water streams - all have a vital connection with the person.A man came out of the earth and returns to the same, the land - a single organism, and we are part of it whole.It is no accident because the church is reduced to where they were before: so many years, but people know: if there was a church, then a positive energy, and, as they say, a place of "namolennoe."

There are places where never stood no temples, but there is a very strong energy.For example, the dolmens in southern Russia in Krasnodar.These unusual constructions unknown culture have amazing, not yet fully explored properties.Built on the sides of the light they emit energy in the Egyptian pyramids.About dolmen be useful, as they say bioenergy, and inside is dangerous.There are also items that have a miraculous power: why we are past the hundreds of items a day pass, and only a few attracts us like a magnet?

Mankind has always believed in amulets and charms, even now, this is reflected in modern society: someone changes their mobile not because of stinginess, but because he is happy, the exam go to a "good" clothes.Many nations have been beliefs that all things have a soul, and that she has and things: some nice and kind, others malicious and vindictive.Think a lot of stories about the enchanted treasure and jewels unlucky, superstition on account of wedding rings (you can not give to wear his ring and put on someone else, or the fate of Change).In this section you will find a lot of interesting stories about the mysterious healing power that is hidden in the things waiting for us in a special place.What is it?Providence of God, the soul of nature, rocks, trees, grass and flowers?Let's try to understand together.

Miraculous healings in holy places

Miraculous healings in holy places

As mentioned above, the temples were built on the site of light, energy-positive, a reason people were attracted to the church.No wonder so many mysterious and wonderful stories associated with them.Temples, monasteries, churches keep a large number of relics that help people in difficult times ... & gt; & gt;

Miraculous Icon of the life-giving

Miraculous Icon of the life-giving

Icon is an image of God, the Mother of God or the saints.Before the consecration of the icon does not have a divine meaning and remains the work of man.It was after the rite of consecration of the icon becomes a fertile energy and spiritual recognition.Icon is the mediator between the human world and the divine world.Any prayer will reach God, simply because of the icon she lifted up to him quickly.The icons have long been famous for its miraculous effect on the human body ... & gt; & gt;

Prayers from disease, healing prayers and incantations

Healing Prayers

Ancient healing prayers and incantations helped people to cure a variety of diseases.With these prayers and plots healers could raise the bed, even terminally ill people.We will talk about hex that help get rid of the fear, sore throat, evil eye, tooth pain, rye, barley, drunkenness, etc.It should be noted that in these prayers and spoke no so great force that would help to cure all diseases directly, but their long-term use has shown that a certain therapeutic effect they contain ... & gt; & gt;

Medicinal and magical properties of stones

The black stone in Mecca

hard to say, when there was a cult of worship of stones, although, no doubt, it was a time of faith in the miraculous powers of nature, the emergence of many types of religious rituals.Fragments of stone, worshiped by ancient people, spread almost all over the world.Many believe the Millennium stones not only objects of worship miraculous talismans, but essential drugs even with very serious illnesses ... & gt; & gt;

Healing properties of metals

Gold Properties

Already in his treatise "Chzhud-shek" says that "gold prolongs life, strengthens the health of the elderly and protects against harmful influences.Silver is useful in diseases of the yellow water (diseases of the joints, edema), festering wounds, and various skin diseases.Copper is an excellent tool for the treatment of septic wounds, febrile diseases of the liver, lungs and especially consumption. "Today, the description of the properties of these metals is confirmed by research microbiologists ... & gt; & gt;

Protective Power Objects: talismans, amulets, amulet

Amulet Cross

Since ancient times people used the objects to which they are linked hopes for happiness, good luck and protection from diseases, injuries, bad people.They were called amulets, talismans and amulets.Talismans, amulets and charms have magical powers.They are able to protect people from any trouble, can become advocates for health and happiness ... & gt; & gt;

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