What are jewels ?Color gems .Types of cut gems .Value gem : what determines the value of the stones

Magic properties of stones

transparent stones are treated as a set of small planar facets arranged at special angles to best reflect the light.If a stone is faceted wrong and make mistakes in planning angles, the beauty of the stone may fade as the light will not be reflected in the faces.Therefore, to create perfectly flat facets and their subsequent polishing used special equipment.

Value gem.What determines the value of the precious stones

Special assessment gem based on its beauty, rarity and appeal.The price of a stone affects not only the color but also a rarity and popularity, the ratio of supply and demand on the market.However, these factors affect the value of any goods.

example of factors influence the price of popularity among customers, stable supply and demand - the diamond.Price of diamond consistently high, although it is not rare - every year produces a lot of diamonds.Diamond - a gem that is valued in the market is very high, both for its unique hardness and for the amazing bea

uty: the diamond facets reflect the light and fire and sparkle, so that a diamond can not compare to any other stone.

stone Value also depends on its transparency, cut and unique optical phenomena, such as the star effect or color zoning.A very important role in the formation of the value of gemstones plays a special factor, called the purity of water stone.In determining the value of a diamond, this factor is not used.

Stones began to consider more precious or semiprecious and due to their use in different spheres: religious, ceremonial, etc.Precious traditionally been only five kinds of precious stones: diamonds, sapphire, emerald, ruby ​​and amethyst.

When in the XIX century in Latin America found a large deposit of amethyst, the value of this stone has fallen sharply.

Today, the approach to other precious stones, and many of them are used to make expensive jewelry, depending on fashion trends, supply and demand on the market, processing and features well-known masters.However, the most expensive stones are diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and rubies.

There are also so rare stones, that they are not even aware of all the experts - for example, axinite or Bixby.

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