Frozen vegetables.

quality and most useful are those vegetables that are frozen immediately after as they are collected.

First the plot, which will be harvested - it is desirable that the collection time takes no more than 3-4 hours.After being tested in the ripeness of the fruit harvested, they meet the size, color and taste, with all the standards and requirements of production.Next vegetables clean the air to remove the light and debris, dry tops and stems, and washed with running water.

After that vegetables are calibrated, cut unwanted parts - such as tails and tips, and generally clean them from malosedobnyh parts - peel, remove seeds, and if necessary, cut into pieces.Blanching vegetables is performed to remove them from the air and make them more pronounced flavor.

Blast Freezer held in special freezing tunnels: each slice vegetables over a short time is frozen so that the internal temperature was decreased to -18 ° C.After this treatment, a product is retained up to 90% of mineral substances - are now hardly

possible to achieve this result in any other way.Also, the vegetables retain their color, shape, taste and aroma;Further, they are stored at a temperature of -18 ° C to as long as they do not pack up and go to the shop.When transporting frozen vegetables used refrigerators that maintain the same temperature.

Frozen vegetables

How to choose frozen vegetables

If done correctly, the frozen vegetables in the winter will be the best choice , but when they purchase need to be careful.Vegetables in the package should be scattered and not be one big lump, and better if they were exposed to instant freeze - it should be written on the package.Otherwise, one can only tasteless vegetable to cook porridge, reminiscent of the taste and smell food for livestock.The low quality and packaging says, sweating inside, covered with snow and ice crystals sometimes ice bag with vegetables is so much that it just roars - so do not need to buy the product.

How to convey, store and cook

quality frozen vegetables are a little more expensive, but buy them profitable: The product does not need to wash, clean and even cut - you can cook at once, even though it is not a semi-finished product.By the way, buy frozen vegetables for the future is hardly worth - because they are always selling.But if you do decide to "stock up", the right place to store sachet, tie tightly and then put back in one package: so you will be able to bring them home "in one piece", and immediately put in the freezer.

Frozen vegetables

cooking such vegetables without defrosting better - immediately put into boiling water or frying pan, but many nutritionists recommend a double boiler or multivarku - they are frozen vegetables are prepared from 5 to 20 minutes, and produced a delicious and nutritious.Cooked vegetables can be just sprinkle spices to taste, sprinkle with butter and sprinkle with grated cheese - it will be very tasty.

can boil the vegetables in boiling water - about the same as pasta: pour them in salted boiling water, after 8-15 minutes, recline in a colander, then fill with butter, sour cream or your favorite sauce.Water for boiling poured little need - not more than 200 ml per 500 g of vegetable mixture;Vegetables will be more juicy and delicious, if you add a few drops of lemon juice.

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