Blue tea.

Tea Da Hong Pao legendary and incredibly expensive - at auction 1 kg of this tea can cost about 1 million. Dollars.Its history goes back more than 1000 years: it seems incredible, but the age of some of the tea bushes it was, and they all give the harvest time - at least, as the Chinese say.

blue tea

composition and the use of blue tea

composition blue tea is rich in polyphenols - these compounds help the body break down fats and remove them, clean deposits from the walls of blood vessels, reduce the risk of atherosclerosis and stimulate metabolism.It is clear that such properties blue tea helps lose weight , if necessary.

The blue tea many B vitamins, vitamins C, E, K, D, iron, manganese, phosphorus, zinc, copper and other minerals.It is very useful when it is cold and flu, headaches - including cause heat stroke;its use helps to maintain youthful skin and reduces wrinkles.

blue drink tea recommended for overexcitation , nervous disorders, stress - it soothes and helps to put in order thoughts.

course, excessive consumption of tea blue, like any other product, do not lead to anything good.The optimum amount - 2-3 cups per day, but can be carried out so-called "tea parties Course": for a week to drink five cups a day, then make a 3-week break and repeat the course.However, in most cases, simply to drink tea blue from time to time, just like any other drink - is it will bring many benefits to health.

Brewing blue tea

Brewed blue tea almost as much as the black - because he fermented more than green tea: it is poured into the teapot with hot water - about 95-100 ° C, and insist 3-5 minutes.

However, there is a more interesting way - about the brew blue tea in China, according to the rules of the tea ceremony.It should be a good warm boiled water is not only a teapot and pouring, and a couple of cups - one low and the other - higher, fill the kettle dry tea - per person - 1 tsp, and 1 tsp"From above".Tea pour hot water, infuse for 5 minutes, and quickly drained it into a pouring tea and bowls: bowls of low-drink tea and bowl allows further higher inhale the wonderful aroma.The color of the tea can be amber, red-brown, brown and purple - it has many shades, and it can brew several times.

Worth blue tea expensive , so it is only to buy a quality product.Blue tea leaves is always a good whole - there are no broken pieces and tea dust.Learn real tea during the brewing easily when twisted leaves unfold: from high-quality blue tea leaf edges dark, middle, and - green.

Thai blue tea

blue tea

Blue tea we can call and other beverage obtained by infusing flowers Asian plant the clitoris - it is also called "blue Thai tea."Growing clitoris is not only in Southeast Asia, but also in America, Africa and Australia, but somehow the tea out of it is associated with Thailand.Blooms, this plant - the kind used for the infusion - with bright blue flowers, and drink too, it turns blue, a truly beautiful and exotic.In Asia, the clitoris of the flowers also make dyes - for food, for coloring fabrics, etc..

color blue Thai tea - its main advantage , and it does not taste particularly different from any herbal infusions;They said that in Thailand it is treated quite easily, and do not consider it especially healing.True, you can hear that it calms, improves eyesight and the condition of the hair, is a diuretic and helps to better withstand heat, so that you can try.Brewed uncool it with boiling water, at the rate of 10 dried flowers per cup, and insist 1-3 minutes.

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