Photo: Wisteria

development factors and rostaglitsinii

Let's see what are the conditions for abundantflowering and normal existence within your garden / home needed wisteria.

  • Lighting .Wisteria should be planted in the bright spot area, and bedroom variant, respectively, placed on the south-west or south-east window.If you adhere to this rule you will become - to see the blooming wisteria in all its glory.
  • temperature regime .Since our beauty rather thermophilic, heat of summer it will only benefit.However, the temperature is above 33-35ºS - it is already too much.In the winter garden must be a good form of culture to hill in a circle around-trunk, then hide, as it does with climbing roses.At the specified time, the plant will stand up to -20 ° C, not more.Wisteria room should be kept in the winter in a room with a temperature not exceeding + 10º to avoid delays flowering.
  • Humidity .In additional to the irrigation spraying wisteria does not need.This also applies to her room options.
  • Soil and container planting .Wisteria planted in a nutritious, loose and lightweight substrate.If it is too acidic, it pre-lime.The composition of the soil mix is ​​as follows: ground sheet, turf ground, sand.These components are taken in the ratio 4: 1: 1.Capacity for domestic plants chosen fairly large size.Immediately after planting crops in the ground it necessarily need to pour.
Photo: Wisteria

Care wisteria home

It should first be noted that exotic beauty makes high demands on the quality of irrigation.He should be moderate throughout the growing season of culture, that is, from April to the end of summer.At the same time the soil under the wisteria is recommended to keep always slightly damp, avoiding drying out of the soil.Too much water can affect the condition of wisteria bad, so keep that in mind.Since mid-October, it is necessary to reduce the supply of ground water.

necessarily need to feed the plant.Do this throughout the growing season once per week.Wisteria fed liquid solution of mineral and organic fertilizer, alternating.As suitable organic infusion of mullein, based on the ratio of 1:20.Not bad once per season to treat wisteria so-called Cretaceous water.Prepare it simple: Dissolve 10 g of chalk in a bucket of water and pour culture.Regular feeding will ensure the timely onset, long and lush flowering wisteria.

On landing we are not talking, as though wisteria often used as a garden plant, and there are no specifics.But on the pruned to put in a word very important: this procedure is carried out twice a year.The first time the event is carried out at the end of bloom relative to the side shoots - they are shortened to 2/3 length.The second pruning carried out in autumn as soon as foliage opal - pruned old and new shoots.Pruning is needed for rejuvenation wisteria forming shrub and shtambovoy forms.In addition, crop shows plants grown for the purpose of eliminating untidy appearance.

Wisteria propagated by two methods: by seeds and cuttings .If you are going to sow the seeds in teplichke, do it from the fall or early winter: somewhere in November-December.Do not want to bother - sow them in the spring immediately in the open ground.Crops need to close the film or glass and place it in the darkness.After 3-4 weeks the first shoots appear.As soon as it happened - it provides a little shade seedlings lighting, do not forget to pick in the first phase of the two sheets.

for reproduction by cuttings take annual matured shoots reached 20-25 cm in length.Rooting produce them in the soil mixture, formed 1 hour. Peat, 1 hr., And 3 parts of sand. Turf ground.Planted in a permanent place should be rooted shoots in late summer.

Wisteria damaged clover mites and aphids .From the first disposed of using miticides, from the second - by processing crops with insecticide.In the case of wisteria growing on alkaline soil will probably defeat the flower chlorosis, a sign of which - yellowing of leaves.To deal with possible disease, using root fertilization with iron salts.

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