• light mode .Hypoestes should not be located in a place where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.Flower feels comfortable under the influence of a bright but diffused light.Therefore, in the south-eastern and south-western windows pritenyat it must be in the summer, and in the south window is generally better not to.
  • temperature .The optimum temperature for the content hypoestes in the summer season - from 22 to 25 ° C.In autumn and winter, these figures reduced to 17-20º.If the air temperature in the cold drops to 13-15º, exotic risk of death.Negative impact on his state as sharp fluctuations in temperature and drafts.The rest period at Exotic missing.
  • Humidity .It should be high, because you have to arrange hypoestes imitation of the native culture of the tropics.Should spray the plant every day throughout the year, and in the summer - several times a day.The water for this purpose take boiled, filtered or defend.Alternatively, you can put the pot with the culture in a pan filled with expande
    d clay moist.
  • Soil and capacity .Containers for planting choose a wide, low walls, medium size.To water does not stagnate when watering dishes on the bottom of the drainage layer is poured.Substrate for cultivation hypoestes should consist of two hours. The ground sheet 1 h. Peat 1 h. And 1 part humus. River sand.If you do not want to cook on their own ground, buy at the store variegated soil mix for houseplants.In any case, the substrate must be loose, fertile and slightly acidic.
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Care hypoestes home

Tropical decorative and flowering culture requires regular, more frequent and copious watering defended soft water at room temperature.Equip a primer liquid as drying topsoil in the pot.Overdrying substrate is unacceptable - it could trigger defoliation.But the Gulf should be avoided, otherwise it is likely rotting roots.

important event in the care hypoestes - dressing .It is produced in the spring and summer with an interval of 21-30 days.The material used for feeding the solution of complex mineral fertilizers.It should be enough potassium - said member is responsible for the intensity of the color of leaves hypoestes.But the nitrogen very lean is not recommended if you do not want to have colored spots on the leaf plates brightened.

transplant hypoestes shows annually in the spring season .On the composition of ground mixture to the plant, as well as on the size of the container mentioned above.African handsome characterized by an unpleasant feature: every few years, representatives of the exotic kind of lose their initial attraction, mainly due to denudation of the bottom of the shoots.For this reason, we recommend updating every 2-3 years of mature individuals of young flowers.Troublesome, but it's worth it.

plants need occasional pruning to expose to generate attractive crown.Pinching is also the responsibility of the grower.

hypoestes propagated by cuttings and seeds.The first is obtained by cutting the apical shoots with several internodes, planted in a small teplichke in a nutrient substrate containing at 22-24ºS.After rooting Exotics are housed in their pots filled with soil with known composition.Seeds are sown in the same way a film.

Photo: hypoestes

Difficulties content hypoestes

Improper care of the plant is able to provoke a loss of culture pests such as mealy bug, spider mites and aphids.But the disease had been hypoestes high resistance.True, there may be other difficulties:

  • leaf fall.The reason - except peresushki substrate drafts, temperature fluctuations, cold.
  • Wrinkling leaves.The reason - the dry air.
  • loss variegated leaves.The reason - a bad light.
  • yellowing and wilting of leaves.The reason - the Gulf of soil.

In general, regular watering, fertilize, prune hypoestes periodically update the exotic - and you will be happy!

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