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Talisman Feng Shui - lapis lazuli : the purpose mascot .Medicinal properties of lapis lazuli .How people fit Birthstone lapis lazuli

That is why in ancient times people called lapis lazuli or otherwise, as "heavenly stone".This name he acquired not only because of their color, but also because of its mystical qualities.The Indians believed that lapis lazuli is able to purify the human aura from any negative impacts, to remove anxiety and to save people from bad memories.

Europeans believed that lapis lazuli having a mascot or any jewelry from lapis lazuli, you can immediately realize their plans, dreams and desires.Also lapis lazuli - a symbol of friendship, sincerity and dedication, so people gave this gem just near and dear to people's heart.

Get real lapis can only be in the high mountains.The most well-known and large deposits of lapis lazuli in Afghanistan and Chile.Other small deposits - in India, Canada, the United States and Burma.But Badakhshan mines are considered to be the oldest mine of lapis lazuli.In the first learned about this place seven thousand years ago BCIt was from there brought to the court of lapis lazuli C

hinese and Russian tsars and famous jewelers of the time.

Last lapis lazuli used mainly in painting and tailoring, and all because of lapis lazuli, rubbed into a fine dust, making the pigment ultramarine, which does not fade in the sun.Also, the history of ancient Egypt known that the Egyptian pharaohs wished that after the death of their tombs and sarcophagi were made of lapis lazuli.Egyptians considered sacred stone lapis lazuli, he even equated with such precious metals as gold.

How people fit Birthstone Lapis lazuli

- the best stone, and it is difficult to tell what sign of the zodiac, it is less suitable, except Capricorn.This birthstone lapis lazuli not benefit.Other Zodiac talisman of lapis lazuli could and should be worn.Yet the best lapis lazuli for people born under the sign of Libra.He can balance their unbalanced character.Just bad this stone for Aquarius.But those who are born under the sign of Cancer is not recommended to wear lapis lazuli mascot.