How to develop a sense of humor

believed that genetics to understand this better than anyone else: they found out where there was the first laugh, how he transformed, and why it happened.When primitive tribes representative male physically defeated another, then he started roaring in triumph, rejoicing in their victory - eventually became a roar of laughter.As time went on, people develop intelligence and verbal fights began, but social differences by the time appeared clearer, so that "being the lowest rank", even being witty, could not afford to laugh at the "higher".But last turned the humor almost a symbol of power, mocking all those who had them objectionable.It is known that at different times of many great men, while remaining life unrecognized, had to endure the taunts of those in power - and this also applies to the researchers a sense of humor;however, they still see it as a penchant for leadership.

present humor - it's great!

Doctors also say that humor prolongs life, and often laughing long people will feel young and ac

tive.So laugh often, and develop a sense of humor, but it's worth doing properly - so that no one and nothing to harm, and bring yourself a favor.But should start from within, you first need to learn to look at life positively and optimistically, and then - to laugh at yourself, how hard you had any."Advanced" Psychologists call it a sense of humor, inward, and this is the thing in the right direction.

How to develop a sense of humor

Do not learn the positives of those who "have seen a lot," but the children learn can they enjoy life and all its manifestations just like that - of course, if the adults do not interfere.Children are not afraid to be funny - again, if they do not inspire the adults that funny to be ashamed and uncomfortable, and happens more often.And now we have to remember how much fun all laugh, and learn it again - and it's not easy.Learn to see yourself from the outside, and not only when you are alone, but also in the company of friends, relatives, co-workers, and do not be afraid to laugh at your mistakes, shortcomings and problems - then the people to reach for you, and you will overcome difficulties much fasterand easier.

learn to "laugh inside," you can try to joke and the surrounding.Then people will not be offended at you, for they will know that the first person on whom you are pleased to joke - is you, and will charge you a perfect example.

However, in order to joke, you need to at least hold a speech so that those around you are well understood: it jokes and irony - is, above all, a play on words.That is why the ability to clearly express thoughts, rich vocabulary and knowledge are important, so I have - some literally - to learn to talk.

matters and ways of thinking, and behavior: psychologists say that jokes are funny are obtained from those who think associatively and has acting talent, and we possess them, though not always want to admit it.

for the development of associative thinking offered special exercises are quite simple.For example, the development of spontaneous speech: try, alone with himself or in the company of close friends, for 10 minutes to clothe in words everything that comes to mind - without interruption.Just can not get, but gradually you learn to "hold short" - surrounding it will be appreciated.

You can also choose the association to different objects and phenomena by comparing them to what resembles them - albeit rather vaguely: the main thing - is to begin.Emerging Association is recommended to quickly record, and not to think for a long time - so develop imagination and imagination.What to do if you are on someone joked unsuccessfully?Admit it right away, and the first to laugh at his bad joke - so you remove the tension and still manage to amuse others.