Festival August 23 - Day of military glory of Russia Battle of Kursk (1943).

counter-offensive of the Red Army at Kursk ended for us an outstanding victory.The enemy had suffered irreparable losses, thwarted all his attempts to hold a strategic bridgehead in the Orel and Kharkov.

Battle of Kursk was the main event of the summer-autumn campaign of the second period of the Great Patriotic War.Of the 70 divisions of the enemy, took part in this battle, the Red Army defeated 30 divisions, including 7 armored and destroyed more than 3,500 aircraft.Conditions were created for the transition of our forces in a common occurrence in most of the Soviet-German front.The crushing defeat of Nazi troops at the Kursk Bulge completed a radical change in the course of the war.The Red Army launched an offensive.A May 9, 1945 came the long-awaited Victory Day over Nazi Germany.

As a result, the Battle of Kursk Soviet troops broke the backbone of the German fascist army foiled her attempts to take revenge for the defeat at Stalingrad and forced to finally go to strategic defense.The Soviet A

rmed Forces firmly seized the strategic initiative.

Battle of Kursk forced the German High Command to withdraw from the Mediterranean theater of operations large formations of troops and aviation, which allowed the US-British forces conduct an operation in Italy and eventually sealed the exit of the country from the war.The defeat at Kursk undermined the morale of the German fascist army, exacerbated the crisis within the Nazi aggressive bloc.

fascist troops in the conquered countries began to develop more national liberation movement.

For their bravery and heroism in Battle of Kursk more than 100 thousand. Soldiers, officers and generals of the Red Army were awarded orders and medals, 180 especially distinguished soldiers were awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union.

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