intensity of the fire, which is preparing porridge, too, should be defined, but it is often overlooked - this applies to any porridge, not only buckwheat and delicious Russian dishes are transformed into boring side dishes.By the way, side dishes of porridge should not be - it came up during the Soviet caterers when they served in the dining room for meat or fish, even with gravy.No sauces to add to porridges do not - they are separate and nutritious dishes: they must be properly refilled to keep them special and unique taste.

In the case of traditional buckwheat filling deemed butter with onions, chopped hard-boiled eggs and dry porcini mushrooms - a classic.


buckwheat porridge should be cooked in a pan with a thick bottom and convex , under the lid tightly closed, and the fire must be strong, until the water comes to a boil, and then it should turn down to medium.Shortly before the porridge readiness to do the weakest fire, and wait until all the water boils away - it must not remain on the bot

tom of the pan.

enamel pan is not suitable: the best option - cauldron.Do not open the cover and interfere mess from the beginning of the cooking process - for its full readiness enough 15-16 minutes longer to cook is not necessary.Butter, eggs and even the salt is added to a pulp after the alert, but the mushrooms, and even the onion (not fried) can be put into the water with barley - although we used to do things differently.Eat buckwheat porridge hot, or even warm: cold porridge - a mockery of the traditions of Russian cuisine.

Buckwheat - porridge life

Of course, we are now preparing buckwheat with a variety of additives: with meat, fish and by-products, vegetables, fruits and dried fruits, sour cream, cottage cheese, nuts, cheese, and even sausages, although the latterit does not fit at all - but people are used to, and they think it's delicious.


interesting in this respect the opinion of the great Ivan Pavlov: the scientist was convinced that the most useful option - buckwheat with milk.Today, proponents of a separate food believe that milk should be eaten separately from other products, and this view has a lot of evidence, but also Pavlov conducted experiments in this direction.So, one day, gaining a group of volunteers, he invited them to eat (every day for half a year!) Alone buckwheat porridge with milk, plus 2-3 apples - today it is called mono-diet, nutritionists, and absolutely do not recommend so eat more than 7-10 days.However, Pavlov result was impressive: when the main indicators of healthy volunteers were compared with those of other groups, half fed on a variety of products, they were the same - there is something to think about.

Of course, this does not mean that such experiments are worth spending on themselves today: Pavlov was nevertheless deeply professional, but we often do not we understand even the basics of food - it is better not to risk it.

great scientist preferred porridge with milk, and we will try to cook it with yogurt or sour.2 cups buckwheat - 2.5 cups of water, 2 tbspbutter and salt to taste.It should be the normal way to cook porridge, gently heat the yogurt (1.5 cups), mix it with honey and vanilla, stir, pour the finished pudding and serve.

bad buckwheat combined with various types of cabbage: cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage (sauerkraut), as well as sea kale - a dish perfect for reducing diets.

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