Feng Shui

Interpretation of Dreams Feng Shui.

Dreaming green leaves - to life expectancy.Yellow, fallen leaves to see - to poverty.If the girl had a dream that she was presented with green leaves - a big and pure love.To dream you're wearing a wreath of green leaves, is victory over the enemy.

Dreaming many different vegetables - to prosperity.Eating fresh vegetables - you will be invited to the banquet.Woman eat cabbage in a dream - to illness and loss of money.It hurts to see that he eats vegetables - a serious illness.Buy vegetables in the market or in the shop - good luck and success in life.If a woman puts vegetables in a dream - to respect and glory, and a man planted vegetables - to difficulties in business and in life.If you cook vegetables in a dream - you lied to your friends.

Collect nuts in a dream - a dream that warns of impending trouble.Women nuts dream - to family squabbles.The patient has the nuts in a dream - long time to recover.Give someone nuts - you will be respected.Receive a gift nuts - a loss of a friend.

Dreaming pepper means that all your secrets and secrets will be known to others, you are now in a difficult situation and everyone turned away from you.

Dreaming peach - to wealth.Is it - to good health.But if the patient eats peaches, his health, on the contrary, it will worsen.Sell ​​peaches in a dream - you lurking misfortune.Trader to see how it sells peaches - to wealth and prosperity.Buy Peaches - to inherit or more revenue.The guy to see how he presents his favorite peach - wedding.Give peaches friends - love, trust and respect of others.See rotten peaches mean that your work is in vain.There

dream tomatoes : woman - in good health, the girl - the wedding of a healthy man, the man - fortunately in my life, a guy - a good and lovely wife, the patient - to a rapid recovery.There spoiled tomatoes - to the trouble and distress.Buy them - to the guests.

Dreaming warehouse wheat - a difficult life.Women dream of wheat - to trouble.Planting of wheat in the field - the difficulties in life.If people who have children to dream that they buy wheat, so that their children will soon be a wedding.

To dream as you eat or cook radish , - poverty, the birth of a girl or a disease of all family members.The guy has a dream radish means that he married a wicked girl.The girl see that she eats a radish symbolizes that she would marry a poor man.Sell ​​radish - to dismissal from work and danger.Buy radishes - you will come to visit dear guests.

There onions dream - good luck, success and wealth.Trading onions - to a successful business.Cook onion - to disease.

There figure in a dream - a good mood and a lot of money.Women see that it is rice - to the emergency pregnancy or childbirth.The guy has a figure - for the wedding.Selling rice - a reliable, good friends, and well-being.The patient has a figure - to good health.Give rice - to the distress.Get the figure as a gift - to the well-being and the good life.

Dreaming rose : for a woman - the birth of a beautiful baby, probably a son of man - a strong relationship, for a guy or a girl - a wedding, wealth, happiness and tranquility to the patient - an amendment to the healthfor a businessman - a big profit.If you dream that you are presented with a rose, then you are expected increase the career ladder.If you give a rose, it is a symbol of trust and respect.Dried rose - to trouble.

Sell hay dream - to a happy and prosperous life.See haystack covered with fire - a very bad sign.This dream symbolizes the disaster, the cholera epidemic and a bad year.

To dream of a stack of straw - a long and happy life.Unmarried women see a stack of straw - a rich husband.Seeing the burning stack of straw - to burn.

Dreaming grass - to long life.Mow the grass - to poverty.If you saw the man carrying the grass, coming to you, this dream means wealth.Rotten grass in a dream - the loss of the house.

For anyone see pumpkin dream means health.

Vintage dream - a sign of victory in business and in life in general.

Seedling dream: for men - a happy life, and the guy - to marry a beautiful girl from a wealthy family.Girl see sapling means that she will marry the man you dream about.Students see a sapling - for successful exams.Trader to see a sapling - for wealth, the criminal - to liberation.Dry Seedling - symbolizes sadness, sadness and gloom.Cut down a sapling - it means that your enemies hinder you to achieve your goal.Soldier to see that he cuts down a sapling, meaning that he would be sent to the front, but he will remain alive.

Dreaming date , means that you have to travel abroad.There are sweet dates - to prosperity, and sour - a disease of the digestive system.The patient has dates - a speedy recovery, and tourists - to the unexpected danger.Collect them in a dream - to expand the business.Sell ​​- to trust and respect.If a friend gives you a date, it means that soon you can lose not only their freedom, but also property.See dates scattered on the floor or on the ground, it means that soon your family will be in dire straits.

To dream green, no ripe fruit - to grief.Rotten fruit - to the distress.Dried fruit - you will soon be a new source of income.Ripe fruit - to wealth and happiness.Collect fruit - you have to be born son.Women sell fruit in a dream - for an early divorce.

See garlic dream - to grief and trouble.

Apple , seen in a dream - symbolizes success and longevity.A pregnant woman to see apples in a dream means that she will soon have a child and married woman, this dream indicates that she will soon become pregnant.Rotten and green apples - to disease and strife in the family.

And if the young man dreams that he is running on the platform and is looking for 18 cars, a train is already moving away, it is a symbol of what his life will change, it will be a lot of money and prosperity.According to Feng Shui the number 1 means wealth, and figure 8 - prosperity, so dream warns young people that if they want to live well, do not be late and miss the chance.

If you are in a dream to see the river water or - it symbolizes prosperity, wealth and happiness. Elephant dream to longevity, and if it has a long trunk, and he draws them to the water, this dream foretells you wealth, prosperity, longevity and health.In general, all the dreams about elephants are considered affluent.

snake in a dream may symbolize a sexual organ, or envy.To decipher this dream, it is necessary to take into account the one he dreamed.For example, if a young girl or a girl dream a snake that bites them to the blood, it is a dream warns that the girl or the girl may subsequently be raped.But if the snake will dream of a successful woman, this dream warns that it should be wary of envious people.