Childlessness (infertility).

esoteric reflections on childlessness

Hello, my friends!With you again LW))).Today we have us think about another pressing issue of our time - the impossibility of having children, or about the problem of childlessness.Today we will try to answer the following questions:

  • why in some families, dysfunctional even from our point of view, many children, even very much, it happens a lot, and in the other, wealthier, their little, or not at all?
  • children - reward or punishment?
  • why children are loved and unloved?
  • why beloved children often grow up selfish, alcoholic, a disgrace to the family, or, worse, die from accidents?
  • way to remedy the situation or to avoid the above problems.

As always, let's start with an example from my practice:

Hope T. 25 years. married 6 years.From the beginning of her marriage really wants to have children but can not get pregnant.Hope itself is a doctor working in a private clinic, which specializes in the health problems of this kind.Medical examinations of Hope

and her husband no abnormalities, contradicting the fertilization was not found.In any case, we have been medication, supernovae super-expensive medications help to get pregnant, but the pregnancy has turned ectopic.After surgery, the couple did not take risks last opportunity, we turned to the healer.

During the psychocorrection revealed the following: Hope was born and raised in a farming family in a remote village on the far edge of the field.After the farm collapsed, the inhabitants began to survive by growing agricultural products in home gardens and personal monastery - grown cattle, poultry meat, someone kept bees.The surplus realized in the regional center, somehow interrupted.In general - a hell of a hopeless labor.The future husband of Hope lived in the regional center, marrying him, Hope finally escape from the heavy farm labor, he moved to the city in an apartment of her husband.It seems to be good, but ... The apartment belonged to her husband's mother, that is,mother in law.Some of you are probably already aware of further developments ... Young went to live with her mother in law.She was tough and domineering woman.Her husband could not bear once her character and left.She had the most to educate her son.It has ensured that her son would obey unquestioningly.Also survived to the present day - Hope husband unquestioningly obey my mother!The leader in a young family turned out to be my mother.Any family decisions and steps were taken only with the approval of the mother.Mom has established what to buy, what to eat, whom to maintain a relationship and with whom you should not have known, when the couple having sex, almost gave the recommendations under the door.Can you imagine it?Mom is so occupied all the space in the home that hope is felt in some vacuum, which simply can not breathe without the permission of the mother.The husband in this regard was quite weak-willed - word mother - law!Living Hope began to proceed in complete stiffness.Everything she did, always criticized.Hope was afraid to do something wrong, this gets even worse.She was sleeping with her husband and was afraid to do something wrong!

a result - it was impossible to conceive, this creates additional reproaches jokes by-law, which of course did not add confidence.Living in such conditions was impossible.But it was no where to go, to return to the permanent place of residence in their village - was not even considered.But the question of where Hope feels more calm and relaxed, she said that in his village, his parents.

After a course of healing with the room in CANAL LIFE events developed as follows: Hope quit her job and moved to his parents in the three summer months.Mother in law, of course, was against it, but Hope was able to persevere, my husband, as always, was in solidarity with her mother, but then began to visit her.There they again felt happy.Hope was pregnant.Mom at that time suddenly found a friend and went to live in his living space.A little later still went flat on her aunt.Nadezhda was born a boy named Matthew.

Natalia S. 28 years. was born in an obscure district center.From birth she got a smart appearance.I decided not to waste your time on the local district Cavaliers.She became the mistress of a well-secured rights.Eventually she managed to ruin his family and to marry him.To consolidate its position, she really wanted to give birth to his child.For eight years, nothing happened.My husband began to look at other women.From this desire to consolidate its position with the help of a child becoming stronger.No light domestic medicine, no Israeli could not do anything, money, and scientific achievements were powerless.In healing sessions got syndrome persistent unwillingness to live, after the husband, openly, brought home another woman.

After the session with a dip in the CHANNEL LIFE events unfolded as follows: Natalia realized and repented for their own views on her husband and children from him.I ask God for forgiveness for all.Dying changed her mind.Soon she became pregnant, had a baby girl, family relationships improve.

Svetlana S. 33 years. married 22 years.Pregnant, but it can not tolerate.Five miscarriages.During the psychocorrection revealed the following: Svetlana married for love.But the children have decided to wait until they get on their feet.During this time, Svetlana took three obort.In spite of this, the body of Svetlana was normal, as shown by a medical examination.But then why?Why the body can not bear fruit?Well abortion, so what?Legalized murder, to which we are so used to get rid of the children !!! as the common cold!In ancient Rome, the same calm attitude to the death of gladiators, and in the Middle Ages, calmly accept human sacrifice in America or public executions, Europe and Asia.

In further conversation revealed that mother Svetlana did at one time, seven abortions, and my grandmother - five.You may ask: "So what?".So this is the cause of infertility Svetlana!Remember, in previous articles we talked about that any negative information that a person is not pereplyusuet for his life, enshrined in a set of genes and inherited, and someone is extreme, so that through his suffering pereplyusovat negative kind.So, in this case, the old Svetlana entrenched information - do not want children !!!

theory, a way out of this situation is.We must repent of his grandmother (she died), mother (though she does not feel for a fault, she did everything according to the law, but in the divine or godly - what to think and execute itself, is much easier to blame everything on someone -ecology, medicine, or a disabled man, a better all together).As you can see, almost to do it is not so easy.

This is one of the few times when I was not able to help couples.

next woman with a similar problem, Anastasia D. I tried to warn her that the odds a little.However, Anastasia this chance was the last, and she persuaded me to work with her.Conducted a session for the session to the placement in the CHANNEL LIFE, once per month.Anastasia persevered walk implement all the recommendations.After the fifth session, the woman became pregnant, carried and gave birth to a healthy baby boy.


Why one woman was able to help the other does not?Reflecting on this question, I came to the conclusion that the patient gets help larger or smaller depending on what he is willing to sacrifice for the sake of correcting the problem situation.At the beginning of a person comes and says that he is ready to do anything to remove the problem, but then thinks, "Why should I sacrifice everything, if you can get a small ?!Healer - mug!For getting rid of the deadly disease, he takes as much as necessary!For example, in the clinic I asked for three million, I'll put him ka 100 thousand, one hundred and it is not much, I make ten, ten is not too bad!But he said that maybe nothing.Cool - and I get better and stay at their !!! ".My dear, here lies a huge mistake - you do not pay the healer, you pay for the film, for which I had to pay the health or childlessness.When you say that they are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of his health - it is necessary to sacrifice.Donate, your life principles, often their "masks" in which we walk, and do not want to give up under any circumstances, even being on the edge of the grave.And the money - in general, the easiest way to pay.Our greed or prudence in this case plays a cruel joke.Greed - it does not feature in the divine person.Generosity - a divine trait, and often it was she pereplyusovyvaet negative.This is a fine traffic police inspector, you do not pay it, you pay for the negative, sown on the road, when you violated the rules of the road !!!And if you paid no rejection, the next few months can drive safely again until a critical mass of negativity.If you do not pay off or pay off, cursing everyone and everything - then go small accident, forcing you to cough up, then - large, etc.The same principle works with problems in his personal life, health ... My advice - if given the opportunity to pay - pay off from the heart !!!

A friend of mine almost lost his sight in one eye after an accident.Medicine recognized their impotence.Knowing what a hopeless case, he said, "If I have restored sight, I would put my house!".Then I told him: "Yes?Come, will correct. "))))) Then he said that if someone corrected his eyesight, he would have gave all caught fish (he is a fisherman))))) By the way, I have it, even the cat does not eat)))) In short - presented in the end stick))) Do you think back to his vision?

tell you another anecdote, late one wealthy person to the meeting, and can not be parked, and prayed: "Lord, if you do so, that would be vacant parking space, I temple repair, orphanage money ladies Hospice build ..."And there is one parking space is freed ... "Thank you, Lord, do not, I found myself!»)))

like us?)))

What are the causes of infertility?

  • large number of abortions in the family, fixing information that do not want children
  • very strong desire to have children.It would seem that there is bad?The fact that the very strong desire SKY regarded as substitute this desire of God, that is,man praying on his desire.In this case, changing priorities, everything is getting better.In all should be the measure!
  • uncomfortable depression spouses, forcing too much responsibility to control their actions in general, and during sexual intercourse in particular
  • conceiving children, not for the children themselves, but for selfish reasons

So what is the children, gift orpunishment? Much solves such a thing as love.Children conceived in love - it is a reward!Children conceived without love - PENALTY!Sinceas they grow older the child is acquiring the features unloved, or worse, hated person than involuntarily is a source of constant irritation.

As a child, the punishment could be very beloved and long-awaited child.When a child "pray", it usually grows selfish with an enormous ego, nor are based only on the opinion of parents, it is not suited for independent living, and the pull of the parents recently to look "cool".Do you think this punishment?Penalty!Or is even worse, "beloved children" hooked on gambling and losing so much that parents have to give up all their property that their child would be killed.But this "favorite" children does not stop, and, still deprived of life.Or those children become drug addicts and die, usually from an overdose.Or killed in a drunken or drugged stupor in a car accident.Why so?Yes, the reason is the same - have changed the priorities of the child did God, and God put him to work.And if the person at the time did not fix, then restore the priorities are often very cruel way.

Is there a way out of this situation? Of course there is!We need to do everything in life is divine, then it is not necessary to educate their children, and so they pereymut from you the Divine attitude to life, to people, to their loved ones.If you are in the first place will be such things as conscience, honor, generosity, dedication if you enjoy what you are doing nice differently, just like that, if you respect and veneration of concern to older people - make sure yourchildren will be exactly the same.And then they and you will avoid a lot of problems in life.

This is now over.Be blessed in your way!

your DV.