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When people talk about rest on Elbrus, you can not always understand what we mean: active on the mountain itself, or next to her ski resorts.Latest in the vicinity are not many - such famous resort "Elbrus", but problems with the accommodation and placement of vacationers there.

On the south side of the mountain village located Azau - it is called turgostinitsey camp site or Azau - and small towns, for which tourism is the main source of income.The area is also called the "Azau": here is flowing mountain river, around the growing green grass, flowers, berries, and the edges of the gorge - pine and birch.Look Azau contrasts sharply with the surrounding landscape: the severe slopes and cliffs, covered with brown scrub.In addition to hotels, there are good restaurants and the shops and the local market selling excellent warm clothes made of natural wool, essential in the mountains, and various souvenirs;there are rental, including horses - for lovers of ho

rse riding.

If we compare the level of service resorts with others - for example, alpine, Azau not get a high rating vacationers say that the services here are no different variety, and their quality needs to be improved.But for those who Amenities matter less than the opportunity to ride on the snowy slopes of the stunning, though dormant volcano, Azau resort like other resorts Elbrus should very much.

Photo: Elbrus

At a certain height - after 3800 m, the snow does not melt at all, and there you can ski all year round, but to climb on special vehicles equipped with tracks - snowcat.Skiing on most slopes of Elbrus is considered unsafe: Lifeguard on Duty, dangerous areas are fenced and so on, but there are often avalanches - to go to the mountain without an experienced guide (even for beginners) is not recommended.However, those who stood on skis for the first time on the slopes of Mount Elbrus place find.

Terskol Village - also a great place to stay.It is located on the foothills of Mount Elbrus in the 10 km, and its entire economy is "tied" to the service of tourists run boarding houses, hotels, camp sites, cable cars and other tourist facilities.It is possible and in the private sector housing to find: most of the residents rent apartments or rooms - say so nice savings.

Coming here, you can just go skiing, but most of the tourists tend to go up the hill: even if not the top, and up to half the height - picturesque glaciers stretched for many tens of kilometers, clearly visible from there.

Photo: Elbrus

In one of the villages of Elbrus - Tegenekli, at an altitude of 1850 m has a unique museum - mountaineering, hunting, named after Vladimir Vysotsky noteworthy that it is built of solidified lava.

and rest and treatment on Elbrus

in the resorts of Elbrus come not only to ski and enjoy the local beauty, but also with improving objectives: the mineral springs at the foot of Mount Elbrus provide the opportunity for everyone.Most of them are on the Baksan River and its tributaries: the sources of the river Adil-Su studied are considered better than others - here from the beginning of 30-ies of XX century, the specialists balneologist and hydrogeologists.

All sources in these areas are different in chemical composition of water, so that you can treat many different diseases.On Narzanov Polyana, near the river Adil-Su, only large sources there are 14;They drink water from a free - you only need to bring a mug.

Photo: Elbrus

Vacationing in Elbrus possible and summer : around very nice, a lot of excursions and sports activities - from quad biking to white water rafting, and the prices are significantly reduced - not something that skiingseason.Many of the guests here are assured that the time spent better than the famous seaside resorts, almost half paid for a wonderful holiday and an unforgettable experience.

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