Benign tumors.

Everyone welcome, you again DV.In the last article, "Neoplasms women" we examined the nature of malignancies in women.We are to understand that the main cause of malignant neoplasms in both women and men in the genital area is a strong negative feeling (hatred) to the opposite sex.If you remove the cause - the disease goes away.Someone asks if everything is so simple, why is it no one knows?I will answer this way: "Just the time has come to know about it!", And someone asks, "But why, then, sick children with the same disease, as they are without sin, they still can not hate anyone?" Yes, the children get sick and die!Why is that?They are paying for the negative of their ancestors who have died without repenting, not pereplyusovav their negativity.If a person goes much hating someone, this information is secured in the gene set type and is inherited.But you can not say that the child is lucky, there is no lottery, the soul is consciously in a sick body, that through his suffering pereplyusovat negative k


Well, with malignant tumors more or less clear.And what is the cause of benign tumors on the genitals?And is it true that benign necessarily turn into malignant, and it is necessary to operate?

Like last time, let's look at some examples from my practice.

Benign tumors

practice of the treatment of benign tumors in women

Elena F. 49 years.Came with a benign tumor of the uterus, the operation refused.During the psychocorrection revealed the following: childhood and youth in a small town, in fact in a big village.I have high growth and relatively ordinary appearance.Complexed about it.But as they say - nothing was going through.In private life all came together quite well.He came out of the army good guy regretted later fell in love and married.It began grinding characters, establishing leadership in a young family.Elena was stronger won over the place of the leader.My husband was kind, she conceded around, trying not to upset.Helen this was regarded as a weakness and podkabluchnichestvo - not a man, the husband completely lost her respect, it turned into a comfortable working skotinku, where you can just rip the evil of the times.And finally I came to the conclusion that it is a marriage made the right decision, that it could be more worthy of the party.Being in such a high opinion of himself, Elena tried to find a decent game, but on a drunken sex "love" for some reason did not apply.The result - a strong dissatisfaction with existing and family life, which has become like a suitcase without a handle - and bear fed up and throw a pity, and failed "great love" on the side.Yes, spoiled blood recollection that her husband had once regretted - a "great."Her conclusion - this guy translated!

Convincing these women an illusion of grandeur - is very difficult.With such beliefs benign tumors often change their nature as a malignant, dislike of one person develops into a hatred of all men, and many prefer to die than the "stoop" and admit they were wrong.

following cases: Oksana E. 33 years.He came with benign breast tumor.Before treatment was carried out three surgical operation to remove the tumor.But after each tumor grew back.Surgeon recognized the futility of their efforts and advised to go to a healer))) (by the way - forty percent of my patients - doctors and other health workers).During the psychocorrection revealed the following: Oksana has a husband, a child, an apartment, a good car, the husband does business, earns a good idea.It would seem - everything is fine, but ... But the process of "lapping" in the family was delayed, both spouses were born in the Year of the Rooster))).Perhaps you have already guessed and smiled.Exactly."Cock" were fighting for life and death.The result - the husband denied the right foot - a sure sign of a bad relationship with his wife, Oksana - a benign tumor on the verge of moving into a malignant.In all of this the couple loved each other))), wanted a second child, but with his fighting spirit could not do anything, no one wanted to meet first.

After the healing session - everything was improving.Oksana realized that is not inferior to the weaker and stronger and wiser.She soon became pregnant and gave birth to a boy, the swelling went without a trace, only stitches from past operations otgremevshego reminded of the war.

following example: Olesia S. 42 years.Problems with the uterus - fibroids.It turned out the following: Olesia married, became pregnant, had a baby, but as it turned out, her husband had another woman who also bore him a child.My husband chose another woman.

After some time, Olesya came love.And everything is good.But the man was married.He said that he loves her more, and promised to give up his family and marry her, Oksana.But time passed, and WHO, as they say, is still there.Many years of life were thrown that would lead "the happiness" of the family.Against this background, in the heat of the struggle passed by attention to the fact that, once a passionate love for a long time has become a habit, and are likely to live together, he does not need it, and not only him.Olesya used to living alone, for myself and my daughter, and another person in the family inevitably becomes a burden, starting with the fact that it is necessary to share the couch (God forbid, he still snores), and ending with the additional washing, ironing, cooking, order,you have to reckon with other people's opinion, in almost all matters, especially if it does not coincide with yours.The desire to marry her husband is this man became manic - by any means, no matter what, "WANT WANT WANT!" As told to all known character in a fairy tale "Jack Frost."

In this case, it is a maniacal idea psevdolyubvi dissonant energy generating new growth on the genitals.All this is compounded by the fact that somewhere in the depths of the soul man understands this, but he was so "merged" with his idea of ​​a "fix" that it has become the meaning of his life.To abandon it - it means - to lose the meaning of life for yourself!Hatred as there is none - it means converting a benign tumor into a malignant nature will not be!Remove it by operable or not?Of course, you decide.I can only express my point of view - nothing out of the body can not be cut!This finely-balanced mechanism, removal of any part leads to malfunction, disruption of homeostasis, disturbed self-healing mechanism, founded by God, a person becomes addicted to drugs.Any disease - this is our "home" negative, defected to the cellular level.Diseased organ or system prompt us - in what direction to change the mindset, and, accordingly, - actions.By changing the nature of the dissonance: the hatred - to love, insult - in forgiveness, greed - generosity, cruelty - in charity, egoism - in dedication, etc., we will change the nature of diseased cell structures, ie,disease can not immediately, but will leave.If you remove the damaged cell structure without removing the causes of the disease, there is little that a person becomes a slave to drugs, but the main thing is that the disease would return!

to me often ask young women, held in life, as a person - a strong position in life, high income, a solid position, but unsettled personal life.Disorder is defined by the fact that having a pretty strong character, and even hardened in the process of "inning" place under the sun, all the same, in essence, they are women, and want to find your soul mate, and not anyhow how, and that we couldlean or hide, ie,"Wall".The tragedy of this situation is that the strong men, they dream of strong women in our time is very small!Why is that?First - this is due to the historically.Our country since 1905 is in a state of constant war.

Often men had time only to make children - and died.All the hardships of working men lay on the shoulders of women, and boys born educated women.What happens?Women gain a foothold in the gene set a lot of male traits and become strong, and men, educated women, enshrined in the gene set a lot of female traits, and become weak.Second, in recent years women are fully protect their children from male difficulties of our lives, including those of a purely male duty - to defend their fatherland - excellent male school education.Where do poor women to take these guys something?Is this good or bad?Most of all - good.It seems to me, along with the end of the time of Homo sapiens comes to an end the reign of hard, rough male energy, it's time to spiritual man, which come to the fore soft and compassionate feminine energy.The future is likely to them.

But we're a little distracted.Strong women want more strong man's shoulder, but it is not.So what to do?Including here lies the cause of women's ill health - lack of implementation of the female "I".In the end they come to the idea of ​​so-called "guest husband" - came when you get bored, spoke - and "walk Vasya ...".Never wash or cook and you can always count on - very convenient.What will such a system of marriage is likely to extinction of marriage as such.But now is not about that.

We have reviewed with you a few cases of benign tumors of the genital organs of women.What is the reason?Many will say: "Guys extinct!" And it is "translated" men are to blame for women's issues.Someone will be more self-critical, and say that women often blame selfishness.All this is true!But there is one common cause of female diseases - NO unconditional love.What love is unconditional?It's simple - LOVE just like that, without any conditions.Once the questionnaire we ask something to love - we thus set conditions for his beloved - this will - I will love, you will not be so - I will not love.When we want to build their personal lives, we mean first of all to love (and we, too, can be, love), wedding, registry office, stamp in the passport, a good income, can be children, so be it, not to go"to the left" - is very long - you can see, some conditions.

And how then to arrange a personal life?Simply!Ask LOVE!And, as they say in prayer Francis Azizskogo: "Not so much to look for love, how to love yourself ..." It was then that would be a happy personal life - one in the guest status, one in civilian clothes, who traditionally, and someone without marriage.It's just a form of relationships, the essence is the same love!And those health problems that we consider are to grasp the essence of this.If you do not assimilate - again, it puts into the gene set, and is inherited.

By the way, a woman who asked for help in this matter, most have established their personal lives, for some reason, the traditional way))).There probably triggered principle - as long as you are attracted to the situation currently struggling, she turns his back to you (pardon the expression) as soon as you release it, you start to treat it calmly, she turns to face you.It is desirable, of course, putting the patient into a channel of life, it - most importantly, can, of course, and without something to get better, but the probability is very small.

And one more thing.Recently I came across information about a love of hypnosis.This is nothing but a violation of the right of choice of each person, God-given.When the apparent availability of the desired will pay dearly to their health, their children, etc.Remember!"Free cheese - only in a mousetrap."

Be blessed in your way.

your DV.


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