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Talisman Feng Shui - pearl.The purpose of the mascot pearls .The origin of the pearl .Who is the mascot of pearls

especially valued in Russia New Year's pearls, which was mined in the north-western rivers.North Americans, too, from freshwater pearls do all sorts of jewelry, but the pearls are called - American.In the countries of southern Primorye was best known sea pearls, the best of his species hunted in the lagoons of Polynesia and in the Persian Gulf.But the most valuable pearls are considered produced in the Gulf, it was called Eastern pearls or "Oriental".These pearls occur during the life of shellfish.I find it very difficult, becausefrom thirty to forty shells only one may be pearl or several pearls.The sizes of these pearls can be different.From a match head to the quail eggs.Large sea pearls come across very rarely.The largest pearl weighing 450 carats to be seen in London's Geological Museum.

Talisman Feng Shui - pearls

Who is the mascot of pearls

Pearls - a very dangerous rock.Suitable he only fanatical people .Such people, he is able to distract from fanaticism and helps to find the objectivity of thought and flighty and w

ind people this stone may further dissolve, making them unstable and give congestion and constant concern.

particularly well suited pearl charms Pisces and Aquarius.Astrologers recommend putting pearls in the water in the first, second, twenty-eighth and the thirtieth day of the lunar calendar.Buy and wear pearl jewelry is recommended in the twenty-ninth day of the lunar calendar.

Jewelers is recommended as often as possible to wear pearl jewelry and protect them from drying out, this pearl is sometimes washed in soapy room temperature.The pearl is a symbol of the soul and it is the most readily reveals its essence to those people who are often in a spiritual society, and are engaged in their spiritual development.Pearl jewelry can not be worn actors and travelers, otherwise it will deprive them of opportunities and repay sex appeal.

Black Pearl is a stone of sadness and longing, so young girls and women to wear is not recommended, it could trigger the death of a spouse or lover.But the widows, on the contrary, will help to find the black pearl lover and a family.

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