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Talisman of Feng Shui - the emerald : the purpose of the mascot and activation .Who is the emerald talisman.The most famous emeralds

It has a good effect on cancer and fish, concentrating their secret thoughts and desires, and the energy of the people of these signs is a way out.But for Capricorn and Scorpio, he is not so good.In general, these two zodiac signs are not suitable for a lot of stones, but those stones that suit them, they can be worn at all times.They are endowed with powerful forces of their owners.

Emerald - a talisman for honest people who have thoughts and feelings are in harmony.This stone does not like lies, duplicity and confusion.Liars he will bring misfortune and disease, not only spiritual but also physical.

very bad it is for Scorpio, the rest of the signs of the zodiac can be worn.But keep in mind that the talisman can only serve a real emerald.Now a lot of divorced fakes that are indistinguishable from real stones.To distinguish real from fake emerald can only psychic.Just a real emerald can be recognized by its impact on your life.

most famous emeralds

considered the most outstanding five selected em

eralds - "Peruvian" and "Spanish".It is their Fernando Cortes gave his fiancee, who was the niece of the Duke of Beharskogo.But this gift of Cortes very offended the Queen of Spain - Isabella, who has always dreamed that these rocks belong to her.

Many people hunting for the five stones because of their unusual shape.One of them had the shape of a bell with a beautiful pearl.The second was in the form of roses, and the third was depicted in the form of horns.The fourth stone was shaped like a fish with golden eyes.And the fifth, which was worth more than the other four emeralds, had the shape of a cup with a golden foot, the edge of the cup was also trimmed in gold.Subsequently, all five emeralds were lost in 1541.

Today is considered the most famous emerald Emerald Duke of Devonshire .This emerald kept in the museum of history in London.

In ancient times, emeralds were mined in the mines of Cleopatra in Egypt.Then, these gems can only be seen from the rich rulers of the ancient world.

Myth of emeralds

About emeralds there are many legends and myths.One of them says that the Emperor Neuron had two emerald lens through which he viewed the battle of gladiators.

also a biblical myth, which says that when Satan is cast into the hell of his crown flew one emerald .Then this bowl made of emerald, which the queen of Sheba gave to Solomon.And the last of the Holy Supper of Christ himself drank the cup.After the Holy Supper, when Jesus was crucified on the cross, Joseph of Arimathea collected the blood in the bowl, which was dripping from the wounds of Christ, and he later founded the Order of the Holy Grail ....

And finally I want to say that emerald not necessary to give as a gift to mark the celebrations .It can only bring a gift for the love, the service rendered or the friendship.If you give emerald in gratitude, he will become the mascot tender and true friendship.

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