Neoplasms women.

Neoplasms women

experience healing tumors in women

Hello dear friends!With you again DV.

In the first few articles we are treated fairly general questions about who we are in general what HEAVEN, what faith, what is God, and, in general, trying to understand - if we are akin to GOD, as in everythe particles of us and God - is perfect, so we must also be perfect as our Father in Heaven.I think it is very difficult to imagine that God has money problems, lack of understanding in the family or at work, the vegetation on the hated for the sake of money, lack of understanding of children (although it certainly is) and so on and so forth ... But us-then, the "divine" is all there is.Why is that?We begin to express the internal opposition, rebel, because our idea of ​​a happy life is often not identical with the way we live.A happy life we ​​tend to associate with an abundance of property, money, availability of power, opportunities, etc.

But if we take the high, rich, influential people, we will see that they too are unh

appy, they have their problems, out of which they can not see.So wealth does not solve human problems, or decide to temporarily becausethere are others.Please note that the rich get sick as well as the poor, and just die from these diseases.And even the most expensive medicine is often powerless to cure a seriously ill person, the most that it can - to prolong his suffering for some time.

You, of course, ask: "So what are we children of God, if we can not elementary adjust your body so that it does not hurt?»

So, just about what I want to talk to you - about the reasonsour problems in general and in particular the diseases of the body.

now consider the nature of tumors in women.In subsequent articles we will take other diseases of the body, to find the cause of the disease and get rid of them.The cause of the disease every man soweth CAM.Spiritual healer is always working with the cause of the disease to the placement of the patient in the CHANNEL LIFE (we call it so, although it may be called, and the energy of the Tao, and the channel of Christ and the ability to focus a beam of photons and send it to the source of the problem, there are many names for this phenomenon, speaking onthe same).The principle is simple - remove the cause - out effect.Unlike traditional medicine, spiritual healer is no incurable diseases - if God sent the disease, He may remove it!

first place among the world's cancer takes a malignant breast tumor in women.

cite a few examples.

Maria L., 35 years old.Turned syndrome persistent unwillingness to live.When viewing discovered a malignant tumor left breast of the third degree.The diagnosis was confirmed by ultrasound.

During the psychocorrection revealed the following: Mary from the beginning was unwanted child.Despite the best efforts of parents to get rid of an unwanted fetus, she managed to be born.As a child, her parents no longer tolerated than loved.She had a constant feeling that in his family it - a stranger.After marriage and the birth of the child's relationship with her husband began to rapidly develop into aggressive to each other, came to the mutual hatred.My parents and brother and his wife stood on the side of her husband, not even because it fully supported, but because there was an opportunity to make it even harder.All this is complicated by the fact that they all lived on the same site, that is emotional wound does not grow, but on the contrary - grew from each meeting, and the meeting, as you know, were constant.Yes, plus everything - total rejection at work.

After the session with the location in the channel Life events began to occur quite quickly and quite unexpectedly.First

left husband just picked up and moved to another city.Then disappeared completely without leaving a trace of cancer.Then work colleagues invited for tea !!!Then the brother and his wife suddenly wanted to live with his wife's parents and left.Then, to improve relations with parents.A half a year later, Mary got married.

This is one of the classic examples of the work of the spiritual healer across the Channel Life.

following example.

Hope R. '54.Malignant breast tumor 2nd degree - the official diagnosis.During the psihokrrektsii revealed the following: Hope and her husband live in a small town not far from the regional center.Any job in the village been considered the greatest happiness.Of course - a chronic shortage of funds, it was necessary to raise two daughters on his feet.Savings on all food grown yourself - keep pigs kept garden, large areas under potatoes, pine nuts from the forest, mushrooms, berries, conservation, etc.In general - hellish work.In the end, my husband had a hypothyroidism - a strong fatigue, shortness of breath, chronic fatigue syndrome, began to irritate any mention of the fact that it is necessary to plow, plow and plow hopeless.And naturally he rebelled, refused to pull the cart, and the children have been identified, the girls lived with their families and, in general, of such stocks are no longer needed, all went out of habit - well, do not throw away.Hope riot husband took it as a betrayal of family values, after a long exchange of "courtesies", the husband began to live separately.I hope he hated.

After the healing session the tumor changed its nature into benign.In much of the cart, which is pulled, the couple just spat.Relations improved, her husband was completely hypothyroidism, there was a lucrative job.

following example.

Elena L. 37 years.Malignant tumor of the 3rd degree.During the psychocorrection revealed the following: very much loved husband.My husband was engaged in business.At endured all the hardships of the initial period.When things get better, her husband's mistress appeared that Elena phoned and said that they love each other, and he just tolerate it.My husband stayed in the family, but Elena could not forgive him.Her husband continued to go to his mistress and living in the family.This situation persisted for a long time, as a result - a malignant tumor of the breast.

and traditional healing treatment and refused to undergo.I chose to leave.I could not resist, even two children.

Here, perhaps, another case, then do the analysis to summarize.

Svetlana S. 52 years.Malignant breast tumor grade 4.In carrying out psychological correction was very bright man with a strong happy family.In the beginning I was confused - where did such a good man is a terrible disease?The reason was quite different.She was seriously ill mother, not walking.By nature - a despot.The period of her illness lasted for a long time.By virtue of her obnoxious character in a family atmosphere reigned unbearable.Therefore, members of the family at every opportunity tried somewhere to absent himself to be smaller in its society.One day, Svetlana and his family were on some holiday, came back late, hoping that the mother is sleeping, but found her dead.She wanted to drink, ran for water, fell and died in that position.Svetlana beginning of the execution itself, because not enough attention paid to her in life, yes, it turned out that at the end of life there was none to apply water.She was dying, and they are at this time having fun.Svetlana very long time to forgive myself for it.All this internal penalty led to the emergence of a malignant tumor.In healing, there is a term - Curse itself.In this case, as the time it occurred.

healing sessions were held at home by the patient, becauseSvetlana barely moved, breathless.Metastases struck by light, and most of the bones.About her diagnosis she announced bluntly in the cancer clinic than practically finished off the life potential that she has remained (Hippocrates oath that brings doctors, said that 80% of the physician should treat short, cool treat).On the first visit I found her that she was the guest list at your own funeral (a horror, just imagine).

in the first cycle of sessions with putting a patient in Channel Life, started a strong burning sensation at the site of the main chamber.In subsequent sessions, the tumor began to shrink dramatically in size, metastasis, as if petrified, lungs healed.Seeing that Svetlana did not want to die, in cancer clinic she began to do the standard procedure in such cases.The process of recovery is gaining momentum.Instead allotted months of life, Svetlana lived 2,5 years full life, handle two suburban areas.But suddenly began relapse, the disease quickly started to return lost ground.In a short time we actually went back to where you started.

It should be noted that during psychocorrection very important that the patient is able to feel the essence of the Life Channel, is the most important medicine.Even when placed to chemicals, they change their properties, becoming the most healing, and most are losing side effect.

So, feeling more or less well, Svetlana lost sensation Channel Life under the influence of the daily hassle, plus - visit Oncology Center (the feeling that patients go back to them quickly dokanali).The disease was not slow to take advantage and quickly won the lost positions.

As you can see, if from the 2nd and 3rd grade of the tumor is possible to sort out quite effectively, the 4th ....Nevertheless, this example shows that a 4th degree work can and should be.What Svetlana after the "death sentence" lives (all the doctors of evil :-)) and lives fully - already in itself a miracle.

Good appetite

dear women, not delayed until the 4th degree.

can cite dozens of examples from my practice, but they are all very similar to each other.The main cause of breast cancer in women - a strong long hatred of the opposite sex.Any our emotions or feelings - the energy is released, and this is your energy, which means that it would return to you, and do not just come back, and double or triple reinforced.The mechanism is as follows: discordant energy flew to cause harm to that person, which was addressed to, and always comes back, she's yours, dear :-).And in the air to someone back weaker dissonance, and your strong just draws them to himself.Well, you know how it will come back to you - two or even three times more!And as hatred is not a divine dignity in man - to be a heavy blow to internal structures, our body is strong enough to stand it, but because your hatred does not end here, it continues for a long time, you are purposefully punch and punching his defensegenerating the strongest dissonant energy.Many people with this feeling and go.There is in this a few positive aspects: firstly attracting the weaker dissonance, you save the trouble of those people to whom they hurried, and secondly, any serious problem, including health, causes a person to conduct an internal review,think: "And whether he lives?", and, ideally, to repent.

Let's look at the meaning of repentance, and whether you need it?In some cases, we repent?Typically in those cases where there are in the mind, according to the rules of decency, accepted in society, his selfishness, can be under the law, but not to the heart, not on my conscience, not godly.Of course, we always find a compromise with his conscience, but in the field of human negativity still attached, and if you do not repent, then fastened at the gene level and then inherited by your children and grandchildren, so babies are born with severe abnormalities.And if you repent, what happens?Unfortunately we do not know, but people are able to change the past.All causes of our problems lie in the past.By changing the past, we remove the cause, and thereby change the present.If the changes now, then, of course, change and the future.Most recently, quantum physics discovered that the quantum is subject to a person's thoughts.Regretting or regretting some action, we concentrate a beam of photons, send it to the past and thereby change it.It is desirable to even say it out loud to someone.Word has a large additional force.So we are consolidating their remorse.This is why the church there is the sacrament of confession.

second point - the need to forgive!But just need to sincerely!In order to truly forgive - you need to understand why people did so, and not otherwise in relation to you.Once you understand forgiveness comes automatically.In particular, in the sure to provide designated and to forgive ourselves.We must remember that the pronoun "mine" in this life is quite relative.All that we have is given to us for temporary use to carry out its mission.Including close people.We, as droplets on glass - rolled from different directions, and then met some time roll together, making each other the way easier and faster, but at some point our paths may diverge, in fact, it does not say, andthe way everyone has his own.In the next step of the way you will join another droplet, and for some time you rolled together.Then the droplets are collected in streams, rivers, and eventually end up in the ocean of love.Without releasing the same person, we thus try to change the way the way we think is right and, more often, it is more convenient for themselves (pure selfishness), thereby trying to change and their way, we have to choose.Then we begin to return to the path through their problematic situation of their loved ones, their children ...

Outsiders same people, those to whom we claim just to forgive when you see they are not physical form with the feelings and thoughts and the divine spark, whichwith each of us to share the heavenly Father.After all, he could not create imperfection, he is God, and that's it!When we see God particle in all, we realize that every person on earth is fulfilling its role, selected before the incarnation for more improving yourself and the people around him.Those who we distasteful - only our testers, makes us stronger, wiser, and so on. D. Consider, for sure each one of you love yourself for what it is - and this is the result of a past life, the unpleasant situation that we went through.The same is true in respect of himself - the man because you yourself executed, chose his fate, this was one of his lessons, and your lesson is to forgive yourself!

What?I managed to convince you?It is time to end, and then my editor says I'm too waving their articles.The following article examines the nature of benign tumors, and what is threatened or not threatened, whether to get rid of them operable by?

Be blessed in your way!

your DV.


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