most popular can be considered a byproduct of the liver : her mistress often buy and recipes with her, too, knows a lot.In the liver, we need a lot of vitamins, including fat-soluble - A, E and D, there are B vitamins, enzymes, minerals and amino acids - to describe the structure of all offal details will not be discussed.The disadvantages of the liver include its smell and taste - they like not everyone, but they can be eliminated if the product soak in cold water for 3-4 hours.The liver is the filter of a living organism, and can accumulate a toxin, so it is best to eat the liver of young animals - it accumulate harmful substances do not have time.Of course, in those cases where animal feed hormones and antibiotics, this precaution is unlikely to help secure their food.

dishes from the liver are recommended for those who are sick anemia, prone to thrombosis and inflammation, gastritis and other gastrointestinal diseases, but they have high acidity is undesirable.

Chicken liver is good with fatigue

and respiratory diseases;it is rich in folic acid, and therefore suitable for children - of course, they need to give the liver chickens and always fresh.

-product of kidney


Kidneys also rich in vitamins and minerals - especially zinc, which is essential for male and female health, beauty, skin and nail strength.They also have to thoroughly soaked - best in acidified water or milk to get rid of the taste of urine and of harmful substances - because the kidneys are also a filter.

Offal heart, lungs and language

heart, lungs and the language have fewer disadvantages than the liver and kidneys - in the sense that the toxins so they do not accumulate, but they are rich in protein and iron net.In the heart, besides, a lot of copper required to maintain normal blood composition and functioning of the nervous system;it is rich in magnesium, which is needed to maintain normal pressure and vascular health.Fat and calories in the heart is small, so it is often used in diets.

Easy virtually no fat, and is also very rich in protein;for those who want to lose weight, this product can be an excellent choice - it allows you to get enough, but almost does not add calories and does not overload the stomach.Vitamins and minerals in the lungs as much as in the beef tenderloin, but they are much cheaper.

Yazy beef


But language contains a lot of fat, but it's his only drawback.This product is a delicacy, very tender and delicious, nutrient-rich;digest it well and even normalize digestion - it is not surprising, since there was little connective tissue.Useful language - in reasonable quantities - pregnant women and nursing mothers, as well as people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

-product of brains

Brains - also a delicacy: in the old dishes with brains Serve aristocrats - they taste sweet and are rich in trace elements and vitamin B12, but there can be only a little, and always with lots of green vegetables - inThey have a lot of fat trudnousvoyaemogo.Cholesterol in the brain simply "rolls over" if they eat more than 15 grams, the allowable daily rate of this substance will be exceeded, and because they do not eat such small portions.

Another byproduct, as used very rarely - it's udder: it has less calories than beef, but more fat, but you need to prepare the udder long time - about 10 hours.

Nutritionists believe offal excellent source of protein, but it is not recommended to eat them once a week, but the tongue and the brains - just a few times a year.The most useful of all the by-products they consider the liver - the rabbit liver is particularly rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals.

With care-products can be used to treat gout and diseases of the joints, atherosclerosis and diathesis;the elderly should not eat beef liver.