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Feng Shui sleep.

And another important point.When you arrange your accommodation in feng shui, the right and wrong of your changes you can check in only one way.You need to learn how to experiment.Try to experiment with the location of the bed.If you feel that you are uncomfortable and uncomfortable, feel free to rearrange the bed as long as the experience a pleasant feeling and you see that in your life joyful events began to occur.That's when you can assume that your bed is in the right direction.

Personal direction arrangement bed feng shui

And finally, I want to say a few words about the personal directions.

In the above rules there is a notion that there should be a bed headboard in your personal favorable direction.However, strictly follow this rule is not necessary.Firstly, if you are married and your spouse belongs to another group, your favorable and unfavorable directions do not match, therefore, there will be difficulty in placing the bed.In this case, it is necessary to put the bed in the direction of a

good wife, but only if the door to the bedroom is located in a good direction of her husband.Secondly, very importantly, what energy in your bedroom.If the energy in the bedroom conducive to sleep, you can not put the bed headboard in the right direction, becauseEnergy dominates the personal lines.

Now that you've learned the basics of Feng Shui for a good sleep, we want to tell you about the interpretation of dreams and the types of feng shui.After all, dreams are sent to us so that we can improve their lives, health, and live in harmony with oneself and the environment.

And now we'll tell you about the wonderful language of dreams that has existed at all times, but few knew it.And only with the advent of Feng Shui language of dreams is now available to more people, but now the language and you can explore.

Dream - is what happens in our subconscious, when the brain is disconnected.Usually, a person first appears after the dream he slept for 90 minutes and continues the dream is from 5 to 15 minutes.In one night, one can see from 4 to 6 again, but we remember only what is truly important, and that can help us in everyday life.

If you had a nightmare - beware of fraud.If the patient had a terrible dream - to death.Young woman to see a nightmare - to love a spouse, to the prosperity and rapid replenishment of the family.

As mentioned above, people almost do not remember their dreams.This is because, firstly, dreams are very short, and secondly, they want to forget bad events which occur with them during sleep.

science knows three kinds of dreams - dreams are subjective, physical and spiritual.These dreams are connected with our past, present or future.

In the dream, a person can very clearly see their future and intuitively recognize the signs that he sees in his sleep.After sleeping in nature - it is our desire to know the future, the soul is the desire to achieve perfection.The events that occur in a person's life, contribute to its development in the spiritual plane.A spiritual development contributes to our well-being and welfare.And if these two forces will act in harmony with each other, and the fate embodiment is human.

We never see the same dream several times.A person may see similar dreams, but one and the same dream can not be repeated a few times, exactly the same as the same person can not live a few days.

When we have dreams, whether it is dangerous, prosperous and incredible - we wake up and want to know what is this or that dream.What we want to say?From what caution.Rich people not sleep because they are afraid of losing their money and power.Poor people are hoping that dreams bring them a happy and bright future.They want to dream prompted them how to change their lives for the better.

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