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Talisman Feng Shui - Malachite : the purpose of the mascot .Who is the malachite talisman.How to choose a malachite

  • Never give his talisman malachite another person and do not take someone else's mascot as a gift.Many of us know that every thing has a memory and is able to accumulate the energy of the person to whom it belonged.This is especially true gems.Of course, someone else's mascot will not bring you any harm (if the previous owner it is not programmed on), but also no benefit from it will not.
  • And, most importantly, if you choose a stone in a frame, the frame must necessarily be either copper or silver.

Myth of malachite

According to legend, when the neuron came to circus, the circus arena ordered to sleep with a mixture of malachite powder sand.On the shoulders of the bloody Emperor has always been a green mantle.It was believed that the green color Neuron sought peace and tranquility, and may be the energy that he lacked.After malachite has a very powerful energy, which comes down to it from Pluto and Venus.

history malachite

Throughout the history of mankind first began to extract malachite ancie

nt Egyptians and even at that time he was considered not only a magical stone, but also therapeutic.Because it made various ornaments and decorations.And it was hard to find anyone who would not like this stone.

Women of Ancient Egypt malachite made cosmetics.From malachite powder made shadows and eyeliner.

And only in the middle of the 17th century began commercial production in the Urals malachite stone.But locals Malachite was known in the 16 th century.Today, in the Urals malachite deposits are almost exhausted, but he is still considered the most valuable and expensive in the world market.Just malachite stones used for decoration of columns in St. Isaac's Cathedral, Malachite and George Hall in the Winter Palace, as well as the Malachite Hall in the Hermitage.

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