Bad food and unhealthy food

Next on the list is what we call meat products, although it would be better to call them "conventionally meat" - is also all know.All kinds of sausages, hot dogs and sausages, carbonates, cutlets, dumplings and other comfortable semi-finished products - all our hostess buy in large quantities.About inadvertently milled rats can not say, even if the manufacturing process of these products meets the basic sanitary standards, dyes and other "chemistry" have lots of - simply because without this in any way.A considerable portion of these products is the fat, and the interior, pork skins, ground chicken bones with remnants of skin, and yet there is a lot of genetically modified soy - it is inexpensive and readily available raw materials.Fish and smoked delicacies include here the same - their treatment is carried out so that they literally saturate toxic chemicals.

Bad food and unhealthy food

harm and canned food, especially meat and vegetable, and fruit have gone near them: salt, sugar, vinegar, chemical preservatives - normal pr

oducts under their influence turn into "dead food".Eat canned can occasionally, and they must choose carefully, checking the expiration date, and carefully read the composition - in this case any harm from them will not.

to your favorite unhealthy foods and margarines are, and they are always much in buns, pastries, cakes, cookies and any sweets that are sold in our stores.Margarine for baking and cooking creams most used low-quality, expired - it's again an opportunity to save.Along with sugar and additives "E" margarines guaranteed violate metabolism, and do it quickly - extra weight comes quietly, but firmly and permanently fixed.Diabetes and digestive problems - also constant companions fans of sweet pastries and soft white bread - a useful there is nothing, and in this respect should not deceive ourselves.

Dairy products are very useful, but the benefits of yogurt know all our fellow citizens, thanks to the vibrant and exciting advertising, but the harm from them much more.Useful only natural yogurt, a small shelf life - a little more than a week;There are also products with a small amount of preservatives - they can be stored for months in the refrigerator.But in the beautifully decorated bright cups sold synthetic substitutes yoghurt: the milk is there, but it has been recovered from dry, and then added to it a lot of delicious and fragrant "E-nis," and there is no live bacteria, in principle, can not live.If you eat yogurt expired poisoning can be very difficult to obtain, and for small children is extremely dangerous - the possible consequences do not even want to talk.The same causes harm and ice cream if it has a lot of chemical fillers, and kept it for a long time - in any supermarket refrigerators they just scored.

Bad food and unhealthy food

ketchup and mayonnaise - they should be excluded from the diet for good.People buy them and eat, because any dish with them becomes annoying appetite salad with mayonnaise can seem insanely delicious, and no ketchup, many do not realize the meat or fish, pasta or mashed potatoes, while these products are not compatible even with the usual tomato sauce.In a lot of trans fat mayonnaise, carcinogens and other additives - without stabilizers and preservatives are no mayonnaise, and ketchup is very rich in dyes and flavor enhancers.A plastic packaging, from which all the time produce zero emissions, making these "goodies" real bomb for the stomach and intestines.

fruits and vegetables from supermarkets dangerous, especially raw.Their appearance attracted: they are bright, beautiful, smooth, and no wonder - no worms and insects they can not be got, because they do not tolerate chemicals, which are crammed with the fruits of these "most do not want to."The chemicals are used not only for their cultivation, but also during transportation and storage, and vitamins and minerals are left - in the best case, they stimulate the intestine.Their use causes vascular spasms, headache pain, allergies, digestive disorders and endocrine diseases, and severe poisoning, eat them, can be obtained immediately.

Coffee - especially soluble, and black tea - especially bags, relentlessly destroy the human nervous system - and in fact, many people drink it every day, and not one time.Under normal health can afford a couple of cups of coffee a day, or the same amount of black tea, but we must not forget to drink clean water - these drinks dehydrate much all the tissues of our body.

Can you live without these products and still be completely secure and prosperous?Yet as much as possible - you just have to prepare the food themselves, as did our grandmothers and great-grandmothers, but they did not have such a large number of kitchen appliances which we have today.At the very least, substantially reduce the consumption of these "meal replacement" may every person and the life of this will only happier and happier.

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