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Feng Shui Compass - Lo Pan.

But today there are many modern benefits of feng shui, which used a slightly different approach to the definition of colors in a circle follow heaven.These allowances eight sides follow the skies associated with the five elements of Feng Shui: earth, fire, water, metal and wood.For example, the trigram Kan linked to the element of water and has a dark blue or black color, trigram Gen - earth element (smaller) and is yellow, the trigram Sun is linked to the element wood and the color in it - light green, trigram whether - the element Fireand orange or red, trigram Kun - a great element of earth and ocher or brown, Dui trigram means less metal element and the color white, the trigram Qian - an element of a larger metal and silver or gold color.

Circle former heaven

Circle former heaven, or it is also called the Prenatal ba-gua, talks about the order of things in the universe.This cycle describes the laws of life and the world of the original Tao.And the energy of the world Tao has always been and will

be out of space and time: it is everywhere, in all things and objects.This energy experts and masters of Feng Shui is used to influence the flow of energy that comes from the earth.

Another circle of former heaven tells us about the order of things in the universe.In this round of the sky (Qian) is located in the south, the land (kun) - in the north, the fire (s) - in the East, Mountain (Gen) - the north-west, the water (Kan) - in the West.Trigram thunder (Chen) is located in the north-east, south-east is the trigram - a reservoir (dui) and the south-west wind is trigram tree (Sun).And the fact that in each pair of opposing positions have achieved balance and harmony, because each pair contains a total of three lines of yin and yang on the three features.

With the circle of former heaven we can get acquainted with the order of things in the universe.You need to make a complete revolution around the circle of former heaven.If we move clockwise from trigram Zhen (Thunder) to the trigram Qian (Heaven), then we will be able to see the changes that occur when the yin and yang decrease or increase.Yang energy originates in the north-east and reaches its highest point in the South, and this is symbolized by three straight lines.Yin energy originates in the south-west, where is the trigram Sun (wind), and reaches its peak in the North, and it can be recognized by three dotted lines trigram Kun (earth).

When one energy emerges, then another power necessarily weakens.And the moment when one energy arises, and the other is weakening, is considered the beginning of a new cycle.This is an ancient Chinese proverb, which is expressed in the saying: "When Qian meets Sun in the sky there is a new moon, when Chen Kun met, we see the birth of heaven."

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