The diet should include complex carbohydrates, vegetable and animal protein, fat, fresh vegetables and fruits.Eat more raw salads, red meat and whole grain bread, and forces you to come back.But the water you need to drink at least 1.5-2 liters per day - is the water, and not all kinds of drinks, tea or coffee.

In what diseases there is a weakness?

There are many diseases, but experts identify several basic and most common.

Influenza - one of the most common causes.It is known that influenza causes general intoxication - because of her illness during the person feels not only the head but also muscle pain and joint pain, dizziness and nausea.Cells in this case suffer from the effects of toxins - an illness if not bring toxins, they remain in the cells, and continue their damaging effects.

Almost the same effect caused by poisoning and anemia - a weakness in these cases can be very sharp and strong.In anemia, besides permanently reduced hemoglobin: the body's tissues no longer receive enough oxygen,

and weakness also becomes constant.

weakness arises in the vegetative-vascular dystonia - it can be accompanied by sleep disturbances, and vertigo;as a result of head injuries and spinal cord;under reduced pressure;after loss of blood - in women it often happens during menstruation.

common cold, if poorly treated, often becomes chronic and causes malfunction of the endocrine glands.As a result, frustrated the work of many body systems - the nervous, endocrine, immune, etc.

establish cause weakness should not the descriptions on the Internet, and with the necessary medical examination - only a specialist can determine what exactly caused it.

symptoms and how to show weakness?

weakness may differ, as well as their causes.For example, after the acute infectious diseases weakness "attacks" on a person suddenly, and increases as the intoxication of the body, and then, if the treatment was correct, is gradually disappearing.

weakness caused by nerve or physical congestion occurs gradually: at first may lose interest in the work, then comes confusion, fatigue resistant, and then there is apathy and loss of interest in everything around, including a personal life.

same way can manifest weakness caused by malnutrition or severe dieting, but in this case there are associated symptoms: dizziness, paleness and flaccidity of the skin, brittle hair and nails, and others.

What to do with the weakness of

How to treatweakness? Of course, we must not treat it, and the reasons that caused it.

If a person is almost healthy, and the weakness caused by overwork, it is enough to begin to respect the sleep and rest, so that all fell into place.

Nervous tension is more difficult to win: have to "feed" the nervous system with vitamins and minerals, to correct diet, eliminate irritants or to change your attitude towards them, normalize the work and rest - with this many people have serious problems.Think of the proper organization of the workplace: this few people think, but the workplace should be comfortable, and the room - ventilated and clean.

After infectious diseases is necessary to clean the body and strengthen the immune system - is not limited to the rate of medication.

can remember and some folk remedies.

Helps regain strength - especially after the winter - birch sap, if you drink it in a glass 3 times a day - of course, it is desirable to cool.

Tea with lime color or verbena drug, which the ancient Celts believed the healing is called "grass of Love", as well as dandelion jam is great help to get rid of weakness and loss of strength.Recipes jam of dandelions easy to find - it is called "Dandelion honey."

And of course, always helps us well-known fish oil.Previously, he was a member of the obligatory diet of children - it was given, even in kindergarten, but now undeservedly forgotten.Eat 2-3 tspfish oil before meals, 3 times a day, and weakness will never bother you.