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Talisman Feng Shui - jade .Goals and the mascots from the activation of jade .Restrictions on the use of talismans made ​​of jade

history jade

According to archeological data, we know that the Chinese have got acquainted with jade 7000-8000 already thousands of years ago.In ancient China, it produced all kinds of decorations, and even the insignia of the imperial court.Plaques of jade could enjoy on a par with Chinese coins.A pair of jade plates were kind of identity for the envoys of the imperial court.And apply it in many Chinese religious ceremonies.Just make weapons out of it, even the ornament and ritual accessories.About 6,500 years ago, when approached by the end of the Neolithic period, jade began to idolize and to attribute to him the sacred and magical properties.Then it was only a small treatment that he has not lost its magical properties.Very often, in various rituals used square plates of jade and called them - "y".These records represented the earth, and the round disks called "pi" of this mineral personified the sky.The plates with the image of different animals were used as talismans against evil spir

its.These talismans worn either on the chest or on the belt.

If Jade to pick up, it always seems warm and silky to the touch, so in ancient times this stone was used as a kind of heating pad, through which removed the pain in the stomach and kidneys.

restrictions on the use of jade mascots

Jade - is a special mineral that is not associated with any sign of the zodiac , but nevertheless, you can wear this mascot is not all.

This mineral is associated primarily with the religion of humanity and to the restructuring of life.Wear jade can only people who want to change their lives radically, to embark on a completely novel new way of life.

magical properties jade come from forces Prozerliny.Taoist alchemists especially distinguishes this mineral from the thousands of other minerals for its magical properties, and then the western alchemy recognized the miraculous properties of jade, especially - blue jade.After blue jade - a very rare and very noble appearance.Blue jade good to wear for those who wants to change completely externally and internally.Talisman with blue jade help you conquer your subconscious self.This kind of jade associated with authority and religion.

In other words, people who do not engage themselves, their development, their evolution and are afraid of change in life, wearing a jade talisman with categorically impossible.After jade promotes drastic change and out of difficult situations. It makes a person change.This - very severe tutor, and therefore make him a talisman can afford only those people who always learn lessons from all life situations.

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