Photo: geogenantus

Features Plant Care

relative of Tradescantia is highly sensitive to quality and a set of measures aimed at maintaining intensive development, wellness culture.

first in this list is watering.We have already mentioned that geogenantus relates to moisture-loving flora due to its tropical origin.For this reason, the plant is vital abundant watering during the growing season, ie from spring to fall.Water is best used to defend, soft, warm or at room temperature - in this way, culture was a result of continuous soil moisture favor.By the way, the substrate must be in active growth phase is almost always in a wet state.

winter, reduce watering produce in the moderate mode.Water is also used to prevent browning warm tips of the leaves, which is not uncommon.

From March until the end of the summer and including feeding procedure is carried out.Apply special fertilizer for ornamental foliage plants, to which is our hero.The frequency of fertilizer application to the soil under the

culture: every two weeks.In winter and fall feeding is inappropriate, since the plant a period of dormancy.

geogenantusu Pruning is not completely necessary, but change will come in handy more than .Carry out this procedure ideally annually, only in the spring - so the plant faster and better accustomed.Pot as when planting, transplanting to take shallow, medium size.At the bottom provides good drainage: expanded clay or gravel.The composition of the soil mix is ​​identical to that in the first planting geogenantusa.

culture was propagated in two ways: by cuttings, and dividing the bush.You can, and it's very convenient to make this operation in the spring, along with the transplant procedure.If you plan to obtain offspring from a relative of Tradescantia through rooting stem cuttings, they should be prepared in advance.Spring planting is cut immediately treated slices kornevinom.Thereafter stem cuttings are planted in the substrate is formed by a mixture of peat and sand.Top cover them with plastic wrap, put in a warm place.

choosing as a way of breeding geogenantusa division of the bush, should take note of the following: to ensure that culture was more viable, the source plant necessary to have roots and leaves.

Photo: geogenantus

difficulties in caring for geogenantusom

One of them had already slipped into the text earlier: a representative of the tropical flora turn brown tips of the attractive appearance of leaves in the case of irrigation with cold water, especially at highroom temperature.

Despite the boundless love of moisture, exotic plant reacts negatively to excessive watering in winter.As a result, we geogenantusa occurs rot the root system, and the culture dies.

Finally, another common nuisance, which may face Florist, is the appearance of spider mites on the plant.The appearance of it is closely associated with excessive dryness of indoor air with geogenantusom.The plant, in this case to be treated with insecticide.Good luck!

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